Where do I come from

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? in Jesus Christ


part 1

Dr. Rolf Jansen
Religion & Spirituality, Health, Family, Help in Life

God created man and woman! - “God does not throw the dice!” - The evolutionary goal of mankind is freedom, in radical self-responsibility. And the evolutionary goal of the earth is love!
Everyone is born to a mother. Before the conception, humans selected father and mother with their social environment and their gene pool themselves.
The normal person believes deeply and firmly that he is dead when he has died; he knows nothing of the centuries that he spent in the spiritual world before his present birth. People do not know that they have firmly agreed to their path in life before the conception in order to regain their original perfection.
Man knows nothing of the meaning of thoughts; he believes his brain is thinking. And he thinks as he has learned it in his social context. And then it is obvious to assume in the Marxian sense: The social being determines the consciousness.
Consciousness determines (social) being!
Man realizes that his brain is a wonderful organ when he uses it as a tool
Man recognizes: In truth I am the thinker, the man and the woman. And as a thinker, I am responsible for the thoughts I think and for the judgments I speak about myself as a person and as a woman. And I'm not responsible for the thoughts my mother thinks. The woman would feel for the woman she is and she would have overcome her inner Mephistopheles, which had denied her being a woman. Then the development from daughter to woman could take place continuously. However, this development from daughter to woman is tied to the presence of a man. This dependence on a man is a mother's salvation and easily acceptable to a woman, but the thought of dependence on a man is unbearable for mothers and daughters.
The solution is the man!