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Mushroom Coffee - coffee with medicinal mushroom extracts

Mushroom coffee

There are different names for coffee with mushroom extracts. In English it is called "Mushroom Coffee" or sometimes very hip "shroom coffee", in German "Vitalpilz Kaffee" or "Kaffee mit Vitalpilzen". This is normal coffee made from coffee beans, which is often mixed with medicinal mushrooms as instant or real coffee beans.

Why is coffee mixed with mushrooms?

The mushrooms mentioned are considered medicinal mushrooms in different cultures and regions of the world and are an important part of the local healing customers, such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Popular there are, for example, the Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), Maitake, Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis), hedgehog goatee / lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus) or the Chaga mushroom, which is popular in Siberia and Russia.

In TCM, mushrooms are valued for their "health benefits": They should be good for health and even be able to help with illnesses. This is why these mushrooms are often referred to as "Health Elixir".

Since some of the mushrooms taste very bitter, they are hardly suitable for consumption on their own. This taste is masked by combining it with coffee.

How do you make mushroom coffee: instant coffee or real coffee beans for medicinal mushroom coffee?

It's a matter of taste. In our opinion, real coffee beans are many times better than instant coffee. For this reason, we at Berlin Organics only use high-quality organic highland coffee from Peru. The Pliz coffee can be used like conventional coffee powder. Simply brew with water in the hand filter, in the French press, in the coffee machine or the coffee machine, Aeropress, espresso machine, portafilter machine or classic Italian with the Bialetti on the stove.

Can you drink vital mushroom coffee with milk or alternatives?

Of course, as with conventional coffee, whatever you like is allowed. So how about a mushroom coffee latte, a "shroom espresso" or an ice coffee with medicinal mushrooms. Vital mushroom coffee can be prepared with both classic milk and vegan milk alternatives.

Reishi coffee, Chaga coffee, Lions-Mane - what are the differences?

There are many different combinations of mushroom coffees. A very popular combination is that of reishi with coffee, in which reishi powder is mixed with the coffee. This is particularly well complemented with Lion's Mane ("lion's mane"). The Chaga mushroom is very popular in Northern Europe and Siberia. The taste of the individual mushrooms in the coffee is not noticeable. Seen in this way, there are no differences in taste.

Vital mushroom extract or mushroom powder?

There are some manufacturers who use the whole mushroom powder in mushroom coffee. However, since the powder is not water-soluble, only a small part of the substances it contains, such as polysaccharides or terpenes, dissolve from the fungus. Medicinal mushroom extracts, on the other hand, are obtained from the dried mushroom and are water-soluble, so they dissolve during the preparation of the mushroom coffee.

Buy organic vital mushroom coffee

As with other foods, there are differences in coffees with medicinal mushrooms. Those who value high quality should choose organic mushroom coffee. This contains organic medicinal mushroom extracts that have been produced in accordance with the provisions of the EU organic regulation. The coffee in organic mushroom coffee is also organically grown. You can buy organic vital mushroom coffee here in our shop.