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embrasse embrasser embrassez


Not a husband kisses so his wife.
Un homme marie n 'embrasse pas sa femme comme ça.
The younger Gerold kisses while the already severed head of his brother Dude.
Le jeune Gerold embrasse la tête déjà coupée de son frère Dude.
you kisses surely better than Donk.
I think it will be soon kisses she him.
Children, kisses shake hands with this man.
Les enfants, embrassez les mains de cet homme.
When you have someone kissesthen he dies.
Si vous embrassez quelqu'un, il meurt. Je crois.
you kisses me, very close to my lips.
Cubit m 'embrasse à moins d'un centimètre des lèvres.
She says she forgot how to kisses.
Yes, but they do kisses better.
The guy she kisses, doing really well.
Me kisses nobody, but I poke too.
Moi, personne m 'embrasse, corn je pique also.
He kisses not as I thought.
I just wanted to know how her kisses.
Je voulais juste savoir si elle embrasse bien.
And his enemies so close that you can almost see them kisses.
Et ses ennemis tellement proches qu'on pourrait les embrasser.
Oh, that's a swan of the moon kisses.
Nobody but me kisses my future baby daddy!
Personne n 'embrasse mon futur papa ours à part moi!
you kisses me ... without my permission.
And he kisses like an angel.
Nobody kisses down on a bowling alley.
Personne ne s'embrasse sur une piste de bowling!
There's Olivia Burke who takes her boyfriend, Dan Humphrey, kisses.
C'est Olivia Burke qui embrasse son copain Dan Humphrey.
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