What are the best ninja games

4 of the best ninja video game franchises ever made

Everyone loves ninjas. There is something fantastic about the skills a ninja possesses. You can't just sneak in with no detection. 4 Hidden Gems From The Nintendo 64 That You Should Play 4 Hidden Gems From The Nintendo 64 That You Should Play We're going to give these hidden gems their moment in the sun and hopefully you'll go back and play them because you do will still have a great time! Read More

What's even more awesome than ninjas themselves? Of course, taking control of a ninja and actually doing all of the incredible achievements in video game form. So let's take a look at some of the best ninja games and franchises that you can find in all of the game's history.

Ninja Gaiden

If you think back to how many NES franchises have NES games chronically overwhelming dealers for NES games chronically overwhelming dealers for recently, I wrote an article about NES games that sell for insane prices lately. Games like stadium events can easily sell for thousands of dollars. That's all well and good, but there are some classic NES ... Read More Castlevania, Zelda, and Mario are probably three that come to mind. Well, how about Ninja Gaiden? Sure, the gameplay has gone through some serious changes over the years, but the idea stays the same: you're a ninja and your job is to do some cool ninja-like things. What more could you ask for?

We looked at games that made the transition from 2D to 3D very smoothly. 3 Video Games That Did The Best Job Switching From 2D To 3D [MUO Gaming] 3 Video Games That Did The Best Job Switching From 2D To 3D [MUO Gaming] Some video games are outdated. Sure, they might have started out as 2D games, but they could evolve and come with time. There is and always will be a place ... Read More What started out as an incredibly difficult side scrolling ninja game has turned perfectly into a 3D beat em up game that is still as difficult as its old school counterparts. It's by far one of the best ninja franchises ever made, and it still stands out in almost every release.


While Ninja Gaiden was over in Nintendoland, it was fantastic, on the Sega Master System 8 of the best retro gaming YouTube channels [MUO Gaming] 8 of the best retro gaming YouTube channels [MUO Gaming] with something less fanfare. There was gameplay very similar to Ninja Gaiden, with fantastic side scrolling ninja action with lots of combat and challenging platforming. The levels in the original Shinobi were very deep and presented the players with great challenges.

Like Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi eventually made the move to 3D, and while it hasn't been greeted with as much success, some of them are still quite good. The first 3D game, simply called Shinobi, was released in 2002 and received decent reviews from critics. Since then, a game has been released in the franchise called Nightshade that wasn't as good as the first 3D post but was solid nonetheless. In 2011, Shinobi 3D was released for 3DS, bringing the franchise back to the side sheets.

Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown, or SamSho as it is sometimes called, is a little different from the first two games we talked about in that it is a 2D fighting game. 5 Browser-Based Fighting Games That Are Really Good 5 Browser-Based Fighting Games That Are Really Good Some of the best fighting games are actually available in your browser as flash games for free. Read More It is a series that is best known in arcade circles, but also in home versions on various platforms such as the Neo Geo to the PlayStation.

Almost every game released under the name Samurai Shodown is considered a classic, at least the older ones. Some of the newer games were misses, but the nice thing about the fighting game genre is that you can go back to the older games and still have a great time. Sure, not all characters are ninjas in terms of look and feel, but everything about the gameplay and action just screams ninja awe. Seriously, if you want a game where two ninjas go one on one to see who has the bigger skills then check out one of the classic SamSho releases and you won't be disappointed.


Tenchu ​​is a franchise that has taken off with a few relatively bad releases, but that doesn't stop how great the older games were in the late 90s. The games go out of their way to emphasize the secret part of the ninja, which many ninja games avoid instead of focusing on the intense action.

Part of the character of this game is the use of motion capture, which is not a common feature of early PlayStation games. This creates an incredibly accurate feeling of being a ninja and it really shows in the gameplay. It is definitely a game that is very faithful to the sages of ninjitsu and a game that any hardcore ninja lover will love.


If you love ninjas, these games have you covered. Whether you prefer platformer, 3D action games, or fighters, these franchise games have games to suit your tastes.

Now, let's turn to you: what are your favorite ninja video games? Click in the comments below and let us know!

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