Will NEST work with Alexa

Alexa will continue to work with Nest (and that's a problem)

Google is ending its Works with Nest program, which blocks third-party access to Nest products and requires the use of the Google Assistant. However, Google announced an exception: Alexa will still be able to control Nest hardware.

Google blocks access to the Nest for third parties

Recently, Google announced it would be phasing out Works with Nest program. When you work with Nest, products from other companies can control the Nest. For example, your garage door opener can tell your thermostat to turn up the heat. If a company wants some form of integration, it has to switch to Works with Google Assistant.

This program does not allow direct control of Nest; Instead, you'd set up routines to get the job done. Another obvious problem arose from the change: the Works with Nest capabilities developed for Alexa would not work. And since Alexa is a voice assistant herself, jumping to Works with Google Assistant is out of the question.

To update: Google has changed its mind and announced that Works With Nest will not close immediately on August 31st.

Alexa gets a breather

Alexa is currently using Works With Nest to controlNest hardware and sites like The Verge have reported that Alexa integration will stop working as of August 31, 2019.

According to a page on Nest's website discovered by Ars Technica, we're not sure if it was running all the time or if Google released it later. However, this is not the case.

Google says it will work with Amazon to make this possible, and Alexa is in control of Nest hardware. Google promises to complete the transition before shutting down. Alexa will continue to keep all current Nest integrations.

Smarthomes turn into walled gardens

Google's collaboration with Amazon is good news for Alexa users. However, anyone else who relies on Wink Hubs, IFTTT, Yonomi, Lutron, and others who use Works With Nest will continue to lose functionality. Smart homes work best with open standards. You should be able to buy products from different companies and they should work together.

Alexa seems to get a special exception to other voice assistants, services and businesses not having access to If the relationship between Google and Amazon fails again, it could even jeopardize Alexa's special access to Nest.

Blocking access to Nest hardware for most companies may be protecting your data from Google. However, fences are also put up around the walled garden. Future voice assistants (and current third-party options like Mycroft) will start with a disadvantage that can be incredibly difficult to overcome.

Established device manufacturers like Lutron have also stated that the functions it offers under the old Nest program cannot be supported in the new Google Assistant program. When you buy smart home devices in the future, you will wonder whether they will fit into your smart home ecosystem. Otherwise, you might be looking for the Google device for your "Google Home".