What's the best slayer album

Rank in Blood: All Slayer albums and the best songs

ulysses253 ​​years ago

So, after looking at the list and was a little baffled, especially with the albums, I just made my own list of the best slayer albums

1. Hell Awaits
2. Reign in Blood
3. Seasons in the Abyss
4. Show No Mercy
5. Divine Intervention
6. God Hates Us All
7. Diabolus in Musica
8. South of Heaven
9. World Painted Blood
10. Christian illusion
11. Repentless
12. Undisputed Attitude

For me Hell Awaits clearly the best album - nice dark, satanic and heavy.
UA on the other hand definitely superfluous. Maybe it's also because I can't do much with punk.

I also chose my favorite song from each album and made a list for it (yes, yes, I like lists; stones me):

13. Praise of Death
14. Angel of Death
15. Seasons in the Abyss
16. Disciple
17th SS-3
18. Hate Worldwide
19. Black Magic
20th point
21. Behind the Crooked Cross
22. Cult
23. Repentless
24. Gemini

Praise of Death is a hidden highlight for me that somehow is never mentioned or played live. But for me it is definitely the coolest Slayer song of all time: high tempo, brutal chorus and Lombardy escalates completely on the drums.