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3D printing: How additive manufacturing technology works

by Petra Fastermann

The book by Petra Fastermann with the title 3D printing: How generative manufacturing technology works was published by Springer Verlag in the first quarter. Retail price in Germany: 14.99 EUR, ISBN number: 978-3-642-40963-9

This book is intended to give anyone who has ever heard of 3D printing a brief introduction to the increasingly accessible future technology, even for private individuals. The main aim of this is to encourage readers to continue to deal with 3D printing after reading it. Previous knowledge is not required for understanding. It is enough to be interested in the topic. The book provides comprehensive general explanations of the technology. At the same time, it should convey food for thought and ideas.

The reader is enabled to understand the basics of technology and - ideally - to apply 3D printing in practice. Private individuals should feel encouraged to follow the author's suggestions and try out free software themselves or possibly even use a 3D printer in a FabLab. Finally, there is also advice on the best course of action if you want to buy a 3D printer yourself.
What does 3D printing mean for individuals? What social and economic changes - for example in medical technology or industry - will this future technology bring about? The book answers these questions.

This little work is a condensed summary of a very complex topic: Unlike many books that only focus on technology, it also deals with the social influences of 3D printing as well as trends and future prospects.
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The makers of the third industrial revolution: The Maker Movement

by Petra Fastermann

The makers of the third industrial revolution: The Maker Movement was written for makers and everyone who wants to become one.

The makers of the third industrial revolution: The Maker Movement (ISBN 978-3-848-26074-4) published by Books on Demand: Retail price: 15.90 EUR, also available as an e-book for 10 EUR.

On the one hand, it describes doing it yourself as part of the third industrial revolution. On the other hand, it should help creative people to find even more ways and means to implement their ideas. The Maker Movement - the movement of the doers - is explained as the driver of the further development of the revolution through future technologies. These are manufacturing methods such as 3D printing that are now accessible to everyone. What is it that characterizes today's makers? What is the difference to traditional and conventional do-it-yourself? Even handicraft lessons previously given in schools would have had a kind of maker claim - based solely on making it yourself? What is new about the Makers Movement, and can we speak of a “movement” or even of makers as the drivers of a new industrial revolution? The book aims to answer these questions. One focus is on the movement of makers in Germany.

In addition, the author discusses possible methods of financing maker projects - for example crowdfunding - and modern forms of collaboration such as crowdsourcing and open source. FabLabs, hackspaces, coworking: where can something be learned, how can every doer use synergies? The book is intended to serve both as a guide and as a manual to inspire. It was written with intensive work in the shortest possible time, because it was supposed to be brand new on a brand new topic.
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3D printing / rapid prototyping: a future technology - in a nutshell

by Petra Fastermann

This book conveys knowledge for technically interested and experienced laypeople. Therefore, a semi-popular scientific approach is deliberately pursued in order to make the technology known and familiar to a large audience.

The book by Petra Fastermann with the title "3D printing / rapid prototyping: a future technology - compactly explained" was published by Springer-Verlag in the series (ISBN 978-3-642-29224-8). Hardcover. Prices: (D) 39.95 EUR, (A) 41.07 EUR, (CHF) 50 EUR., Kindle Edition: 32.99 EUR. Available from Amazon, for example.

This book provides readers with comprehensive information about the future technology of 3D printing / rapid prototyping. At the same time, they are also supported with advice and information in their own efforts to find the right CAD program or the most suitable printing process for themselves. The author tries to find the best possible balance between theory and practice. Fastermann's book is aimed at everyone who has already heard of 3D printing / rapid prototyping and would like to know more about it:
What is 3D printing anyway? How does it work?

Interested parties who previously had little knowledge of 3D printing, but who could imagine enjoying this new technology and designing something themselves, will be shown what each individual, who works a little, can use it to implement.
This book will convey new knowledge and food for thought to everyone who has already designed a 3D CAD model: not only about what opportunities 3D printing currently offers, but also about what will happen in the future with this high technology could be possible.
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