Horror writers are terrible people

Stephen King - The king of horror writers

Regardless of whether book or Movie

"Master of horror"Is just one of the many descriptions with which the cultauthor Stephen King is referred to. Hardly any other writer is celebrated as much as King, born in 1947, whose popularity is similar to that of a rock star.
In today's blog post I want you to know author like to bring something closer, because I am one of those fans to whom Kings ‘dark, sometimes macabre writing style has an inexplicable attraction. So get ready, because too Stephen King´s way of life is not for the faint-hearted!

Stephen King: Life

Practice early horror and science fiction created a strong attraction for the boy and formed a kind of protective shield against his personal fears. Because when everyday life contains so much that is terrible, it is sometimes easier to escape into fantasy worlds, however dark and cruel they may be.

King's love of writing has been with him all his life and with the one published in 1974 book "Carrie", which today is considered timeless horror-Classic is true, he achieved the breakthrough. Countless Books and Film adaptations followed, who were hampered by severe writer's block more than once. Also, many of his best known Books ("The Green Mile", "The Shining", etc.) emerged under the influence of heavy drug and alcohol. Today is King "Clean" and still attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

A stroke of fate after horrorStandards

In June 1999 it was Stephen King hit by a car while out walking and almost lost his life. To this day he has struggled with severe mobility restrictions. However, he did not let this accident get him down, because when he was released from the hospital, he bought the car that hit him and destroyed it himself!

Stephen King as a cultauthor of Horrors

I could probably go on endlessly Stephen King write. Personally, I am impressed by the way he deals with his blows of fate and I can identify with the many nuances of his personality. He and his wife, Tabitha King (for whom he wrote the science fiction novel "Love". My absolute favorite!) Work for many charities. King is also one of the loudest voices against President Trump and is only too happy to share his opinion on his Twitter profile. (Go Stephen King !!)

The real Stephen King?

Stephen King has written so many novels, short stories and non-fiction books to date that unfortunately I cannot give you an exact number. Also, many are the Books appeared under other pseudonyms, the number of published Books are definitely in the 3-digit range

I can only recommend to you that you are in Stephen King‘S world of Horrors immersed. For beginners this is book "Carrie" probably best there King has a very unique way of writing and you can get your first taste of it Books gets.
So: light out and into the world of horror!


Pictured Stephen King: Shane Leonard