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The most brutal cars. Best cars for men

A car is part of a man's image, an indicator of his status and sometimes his character. It's no secret that many models count. When a man drives such a car, it is unlikely that he will be able to avoid the grins and sideways glances of other representatives of the stronger sex. Men and women prefer car models, and even manufacturers are a fact. In addition to gender, people's mindsets, including beliefs formed in different countries, also play an important role. At the same time, there are no “female” or “male” models in their pure form, this concept is relative.

Traditionally, it is believed that machines with a masculine character must be bulky and powerful. According to statistics, men prefer cars with a large displacement. The stronger sex likes large sedans, SUVs, and crossovers. Modern realities also dictate their own rules, and the choice of a car also depends on the conditions in which it will be used. Hours of traffic jams, maneuvering in confined spaces, looking for a parking space, saving gasoline - these are the problems most residents of large cities face.

A real male car doesn't have to be elite or too expensive. It is certainly not the cost that gives the car the courage. Sports cars hardly give the car owner a serious appearance, although they have not only attractive appearance, but also considerable performance. A large limousine or a crossover underline the status, and an off-road vehicle is suitable for off-road enthusiasts who, in all their looks, reveal belonging to the male gender. At the same time, a small car will not degrade a male driver's dignity at all. Compact sedans or hatchbacks may not be as brutal as the off-road conquerors, but they are not ashamed to appear in public in such a car.

Top 10 most men's cars

According to the results of a three-year study carried out in the period from 2015 to 2018, experts from the analysis agency "Autostat" identified most of the men's cars, according to Russians. For the most objective evaluation, the evaluation was formed on the basis of an analysis of over 180,000 questionnaires in which the motorists surveyed shared their point of view. According to the survey, the car brands with the largest proportion of male owners were selected. So let's get started.


In the first place are the car models of the Japanese automaker Subaru. It is this brand that is chosen by men, 95.1% of Subaru car owners are men. The brand's cars are assembled in Japan and are distinguished by their reliability. These features, combined with the handsome appearance of the models, have made the brand one of the most popular in the world. Currently, the legendary brand's model range for Russia is represented by the Forester, Outback and XV crossovers, which became Car of the Year 2018, as well as the Legacy, WRX and WRX STI sedans.


Silver went to the Jeep brand, which is currently owned by Chrysler. The brand's range includes all-terrain vehicles only, and the word "jeep" has long been used to describe all-terrain vehicles. Over the generations, the legendary Jeep models have retained their purely masculine characteristics without compromise. The owners of cars from the Jeep concern are 94.6% men, which is natural given the brutality of SUVs. Legendary American cars in Russia are represented by Renegade, Grand Cherokee and the new Compass, Cherokee and Wrangler.


The most popular car brand among Russians is Toyota, which drivers appreciate for their quality, reliability and comfort. 94.2% of Japanese male car owners. The range presented in Russia is wide enough, and each of the models embodies a unique style and charisma. Not to say that women don't like Toyota, but still, most copies of the brand are really endowed with masculine traits. What is the frame SUV Land Cruiser, despite the generational change that preserves the image of an unshakably brutal handsome man.


The rating of most men's cars continues from the Infiniti brand, owned by Nissan, another Japanese brand among the top five cars preferred by men. They can emphasize the status of the owner as much as possible and are characterized by reliability and a high level of convenience. The unsurpassed exterior and the no less luxurious interior of the models, combined with power and dynamism, have shaped the extraordinary charisma of men's cars. The number of male owners was 93.4% of the total. The range of vehicles in Russia includes crossovers, SUVs, sedans and coupes. Stylish Infiniti cars are the choice of respectable men and confident men who know how to stand out from the crowd.


Honda is a leading Japanese motorcycle and automaker with a rich history. Transportation from the conveyor belts of Honda factories around the world is of excellent quality regardless of where the model is assembled. Despite the fact that during the crisis the company practically throttled sales of Honda vehicles and the premium brand Acura in Russia, leaving behind a meager cast of CR-V and pilot, Russians love this brand, especially the stronger sex. The proportion of male drivers is 92.9%.


The leader of the domestic auto industry also got into the list of men's cars, which is pretty obvious given the obvious masculine features in the design of cars of this brand. SUVs with such a brutal character are mostly owned by men, that is 92.4% of motorists. At the same time, women are also at the wheel of UAZ cars, which is a bit surprising, because the SUVs of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant are definitely endowed with masculine features.


The premium Lexus brand is the brainchild of the Toyota auto company, while it is a separate brand, as is now the case with the largest manufacturers. Stylish and modern cars combine power, dynamism, comfort and all of this against the backdrop of impressive external data. These cars certainly cannot be called feminine, but representatives of the beautiful half of humanity sometimes want to feel the power that premium cars can feel on the road. The Lexus brand is a worthy choice of strong men. 92.2% of the owners of these cars are men. A wide range of brand models is available for Russia.


Japanese cars are valued all over the world for their quality and comfort, and it is not surprising that another brand from the Land of the Rising Sun has been a favorite among men. 92% of Mitsubishi car owners are men. The largest auto company with a rich history full of interesting twists and turns holds a leading position in the global auto market. In Russia, the brand is represented with several models, including the legendary Pajero, L200 and Outlander, as well as women.

Automakers are now relying more on crossovers, while full-fledged SUVs are becoming less and less common. In addition, even if that car is compact and economical, you can pick up a car with a truly masculine character in any of the categories and classes. Usually a car reflects temperament, so style is very important and there is enough power for active maneuvering in the city and on the highway.

There is no precise definition of the concept of brutality that applies to cars. Hence, the task of selecting alpha machines (analogous to alpha males) was initially discouraged. Well, how do you tell me, can you rate the cruelty and rudeness and even the behavior and appearance of the car at the same time? Will not work. Unless this or that instance suddenly evokes associations with a fool or a macho. However, this is a personal assessment. It is known that there are no comrades in taste and color!

And yet pursued the idea of ​​digitizing brutality. What do you think of when you imagine people gathering in a neighborhood? Like the man himself, his horse must be big. That's why we took the weight of the cars into account. Remove those that weigh less than two tons (green, sorry!).

Second, strength. The selection criterion here was the engine power, which we wanted to limit to at least 300 hp. For the sake of fairness, only the most powerful petrol engines have been selected. Ours was added as a compliment. Where can we go without them?

Army over

For this indicator, an exception was made for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - the great-great-grandson of the famous Willys, an American army car from WWII. However, as can be seen from the table below, it is a little less powerful than 300 hp.

What other cars have you seen with epaulettes? Sure, lobster and.

Rough cut shapes should have been reflected in C x - the drag coefficient - but it turned out that manufacturers aren't very common in this regard. Let's try to find a compromise and create a certain synthetic indicator in the form of the product of specific power multiplied by the fuel consumption in the urban cycle, the most expensive fuel consumption and the height of an SUV tire (it was made separately according to the specified standard sizes calculated). And what, the size of the wheels is important too! The bigger they are, the more impressive the car looks.

This is how our empirical brutality index came about. The higher the value, the more brutal the car is.

Yes, and one more caveat. All of these machines can be found in Russia. Most of them take place in the showrooms of branded dealers, and some, such as discontinued ones, can still be found in the secondary market.

Do you have your own take on a real man's car? Suggest your options in the comments. Just think about the choice of production cars.

Happy Holidays, guys!


Empty weight kg

Performance, h.p.

Specific performance

Fuel consumption, l / 100 km

Tire height, cm

Brutality index

Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG

Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Lobster h2

Nissan patrol

Cadillac escalade

Every year the brutal off-road style becomes more popular, and manufacturers began to produce "all-passable" versions of models, even those that are far removed from off-road. Now there are many models, sedans, hatchbacks, station wagons, etc. made in cross version, but real SUVs are in no hurry to make way for "SUVs".

For this reason, domestic experts of the SpeedMe.ru edition decided to rate the most brutal SUVs. So first place went to the almost legendary Jeep Grand Cherokee. The design of the new version is really "brutal" and requires respect. A high profile, large wheels, strict lines and a good reputation make the model popular in its segment. Of course, the model is equipped with all-wheel drive, as well as many electronic assistants that improve the model's acceptable properties.

Second place went to the popular BMW X5 M off-road vehicle. Despite the fact that a rare owner will drive off-road, the model in the classic Bavarian style looks strict and threatening. In addition, the "charged" version of the X5 also has good off-road properties thanks to the proprietary intelligent all-wheel drive system and electronic systems.

The three front runners in today's ranking are closed by the Chevrolet Tahoe. Thanks to the size, all-wheel drive, strict style and large wheels, the model looks "brutal". The model also offers space for up to eight people. Thanks to the powerful V8 engine and all-wheel drive, however, it is no problem to carry all passengers off-road.

Fourth and fifth places went to the Audi Q7 and the UAZ Patriot. The first model is quite expensive and not intended for extreme use at all. However, this does not mean that the Q7 cannot cope with the most difficult off-road situations thanks to its characteristic quattro system. The domestic model "PATRIOT" is the most accessible representative of the rating and can really be used for extreme travel. But the performance is also very interesting and brutal.

We also advise you to take these with you if you are planning an off-road excursion or if there is a real risk of getting stuck in sand, mud or snow

By far the most brutal cars are big cars, especially SUVs. I believe these include the following models:

1) Mercedes-Benz Gelendwagen - without him this list would simply not be possible. Because Gelik really is the most brutal car of all that the automotive industry and society as a whole have seen.

2) Toyota Land Cruiser is also a large SUV, a kind of Mastodon. On the way, it inspires respect and fear. If it does not fit on the road due to its huge dimensions, other car owners will simply give in to it and drive to the side for fear of being crushed.

3) Lexus LX 570 - luxury brother of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Also big and powerful, but very slim and expensive.

4) Nissan Patrol - you can talk about it a lot, but you can see everything in the photos. If you ride along, the traction and noise of the V-shaped 8 cylinder engine can drive you a little crazy.

5) Range Rover is also a brutal, at the same time very beautiful, expensive and well-respected car with a long history. I would even brutally put him in third place after the 200th Kruzak.

The list goes on, dear friends!


The history of this model began, as befits a man's car, with a military conflict. A conflict between North and South Korea that lasted from 1950 to 1953. On the latter side, the US government has announced a tender among Japanese automakers to develop a lightweight SUV that the US military could use across Asia. Toyota passed the tendering committee and started developing its own version of the car. However, the first prototype of the Land Cruiser, the Toyota BJ, appeared after the end of the Korean War. The car was similar to the legendary American SUV of World War II - Willis Jeep MB.

In Japan, the car was immediately put into public service, which made it used to transport the army and police. In 1955 the second generation of the BJ 20 SUV appeared, which was decided in response to the British rival Land Rover to rename the Land Cruiser (in English translation "Land Cruiser"). Since then, the model has gone through more than a dozen generations and variations for over 60 years. Now the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is one of the most popular SUVs among officials and bankers, as well as the military and business people. And although sometimes you see a girl behind the wheel of a car. The Land Cruiser is a real men's SUV with a serious and laconic design. It's just awkward for fair sex to climb aboard a huge car named after a combat ship for a reason.

Another company hired by the US government to build an Army SUV was Nissan. The first prototype of the Nissan Patrol rolled off the assembly line in 1951. It was the 4W60 version that was like the Toyota BJ. very similar to "Willis". Soon there was a model in a station wagon with the roof closed, and in 1955 a new car series 4W61 saw the light. The second generation Nissan Patrol was released in 1960. It was an eight-seater car with two side seats and a first row of seats for three passengers. The Japanese planned to use this machine as their main weapon in conquering the North American market. However, the Americans reacted with suspicion to the Japanese SUV without automatic transmission and hydraulic booster. As a result, 4,000 copies were sold in 8 years. However, in Asia, where the positions of competitors were weaker, the car gained popularity.

Special versions for fire brigades and ambulances were also made. The third generation Nissan Patrol 160 didn't appear until 20 years later. At home it was sold under the Safari brand. For the first time a car could be described as comfortable. Decent soundproofing, a plastic dashboard, power windows, air conditioning and even an "inclinometer" appeared. The sale of the Nissan Patrol 160 was a real economic victory for the company. In 1983, an analogue of the SUV Ebro Patrol appeared in Spain, which was later renamed Nissan. The SUV was produced in many countries around the world and is still produced in Iran.In 1987, a new generation of the car saw the light - Nissan Patrol Y60, and 10 years later - Y61. The current version of the car, the Y62, appeared in 2010. If the cars of the past few years were more suited to fishermen, hunters and travelers, then the modern Patrol is a business man's car. This is evident in both the design and the price. Despite the glamorous appearance and belonging to the premium class. Nissan Patrol still knows how to drive on any road.

The next truly masculine car in our selection is the Chevrolet Tahoe. He is relatively young and has never served in the army. He has a tough and tough character by nature. The story, which originated in North America, is inextricably linked with the off-road twin brother of the GMC Yukon. It started in 1987. General Motors has released a number of Chevrolet C / K and GMC C / K pickups. on the basis of which later Blaser and Suburban were assembled. In 1992, an analogue of the blazer, the GMC Yukon, named after a river in northwestern Canada and Alaska, appeared on the same IGMT400I platform.

The first Chevrolet Tahoe was released in 1995 and was like two peas in a pod, similar to the Yukon brother. It went down in history as a vehicle for the American special services. Thanks to the rigid frame and the high off-road capability, the SUV was immediately selected by the FBI, the CIA and the police officers of the border areas of the country. The first generation of Tahoe was produced until 2000 when the second series of the model was introduced to the automotive public. It was carried over to the new GMT800 platform, which was also used for heavy pickups like the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. The modern incarnation of Tahoe was revealed to the world in 2007. This is a strict frame giant, insatiable and impractical. Riding is a challenge for city traffic and ecology!


Another legacy of the legendary "Willis", put together by Foggy Albion engineers, is considered the Land Rover Defender - the oldest car in our selection. The British thought about building it right after the end of World War II. In 1948, Rover fell on the shoulders of an unbearable burden - restoring the country's ruined auto industry. It had all the capacities of the aircraft factory in Solihull, which easily dealt with the release of old models and left space for the production of new models. This new model is Land Rover - a utility vehicle with a simple and cheap design. There was an acute steel shortage in the UK, which is why it was decided to make the body and chassis of the car from aluminum, which was in abundance. On April 30, 1918, the model was presented at the Amsterdam Motor Show, and a test series of 48 copies had been published by the end of the year.

Land Rover has captured the hearts of the public as a cheap four-wheel drive vehicle. A kind of hard worker-farmer from the country who gets up with the first taps and works tirelessly in the field all day. Actually, the model was designed for such an audience. From its birth to the present day, the car has gone through many generations and variations, and it wasn't until the 1990s that the Defender name was given to it. However, the SUV is still recognizable and in demand. It's scary to think about, but the current line of cars has been around since 1983, more than 30 years! Perhaps the manufacturers just have nothing to add to the Defender's ideal design, as there are legends about its reliability and passability. Or maybe they are afraid to scare off real fans of a really masculine car with innovative solutions and technological quirks. No wonder that the car, which looks like a “UAZ” wrapped in aluminum, has sold 2 million copies over the years. He does not care about the appearance, the main thing is what is under the hood. Obviously that's why they love him.


Driving this car cannot be seen, you cannot imagine a girl. There is an opinion that these machines are simply not being sold to the fair sex. To meet. Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Gelandewagen or lovingly "Gelik". Gelandewagen was developed on behalf of the Iranian Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi. The ruler went down in his country's history as a ruthless tyrant and traitor who wanted to strengthen his power by buying 20,000 original all-terrain vehicles for his personal guard.

However, in 1978 the Islamic Revolution took place in Iran, forcing the Shah to flee to the United States, where he lived until the end of his days. Daimler AG lost a major order, but did not stop developing the car. "Gelik" - rolled off the production line in 1979 and its first military prototypes appeared two years later. It has been adopted by a number of countries including Argentina, Norway, and Indonesia. Throughout its history, he has had the opportunity to promote many important people, including the Pope and Boris Yeltsin. The 90s associated Gelandewagen with the image of a new Russian, a bandit, the top of the criminal pyramid. Now this car is an indicator of its owner's excellent taste and high income.

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