What would happen if Cascadia became independent?

How many countries could theoretically exist in North America? [closed]

You could look at Europe to find a number of countries that can and do exist in the modern world, whose total area and population are not dissimilar to the United States. For the most part, they formed a voluntary association called the European Union (EU), but the EU constitution specifically gives every state the right to leave the EU. (In contrast, the US waged a civil war to find out the opposite). My own country, the UK, is about to leave the EU. Interesting times for sure. It will take the next decade to figure out where this is going.

Anyway, I don't know enough about the US to answer this question, but since this is a structure of the world, imagine that in the near future, Washington DC was suddenly struck by a large meteorite (total death and destruction ). There is just enough advance warning that the natural cause of this disaster is known and that WW3 will not start, but not enough warning to get someone to safety in DC. Not even the president.

Could states decide that it was time to decide that the country did too, and that each state is now sovereign, with the US federal government virtually ceased to exist? If not, add the necessary plot elements to make sure they choose it. Then ask which states would inevitably find enough common grounds with their neighbors to form larger entities?

You could also get the copy of Heinleins Friday unearth that paints a picture of a Balkanized North America in the near future. The interstellar travel parts of the plot are far less plausible than the alternative non-US that it depicts.

Another point: "real" countries need coastlines so that they can trade freely. Landlocked countries are always prone to being squashed by their neighbors, resulting in either hostilities or heavily armed mergers. Keep this in mind if you want to draw a map of a fragmented North America. Mainly because my country is an island and the rest of Europe is not, the whole Brexit thing happened. Which other countries are least satisfied with the EU? I would suggest Spain, Italy and Greece. All have sea on three sides and a mountain range on the fourth. Coincidence? I do not believe that.

One final date: Singapore. It's a city-state. In contrast to the Vatican City or Monaco, it is a "real" country. (Also technically at least one island).


They bring up a fine example (Cataclysm Striking DC), but there is a more realistic one that has already taken place in modern history. A revolution in the metropolis that leads to the overthrow of the government crushes the constitution. During the collapse of the Soviet Union, the revolution in Moscow was cited by many member states as the reason for leaving the Union. In contrast to a disaster (which takes the deaths of government officials into account and not violates the Constitution), this can actually provide legal grounds for the union to break up.