How was Gal Gadot discovered

Wonder Woman Always in combat

The Israeli actress Gal Gadot stands up for the weak in the film as Wonder Woman. In real life, the 32-year-old turns her military career into undoing.

Jerusalem - In the film, she wears breastplate, sword and shield - and fights as Wonder Woman for a better world. In the here and now, Israeli actress Gal Gadot also has to get a tough armor. Because the allegations about her alleged combat missions in real life weigh heavily: According to a nationalist Tunisian party, the 32-year-old is said to have been involved in attacks on the Gaza Strip. Why the film was banned in Tunisia. The Arab censors were also particularly bothered by the fact that during the Gaza war in 2014, Gadot used Facebook to call for prayers for Israeli soldiers "who risk their lives to protect my country against horrific actions by Hamas".

In addition to Tunisia, cinemas in Algeria, Jordan and Lebanon have banned the film for the time being because of the Israeli leading actress. What Gadot thinks of this boycott remains open: she was not allowed to say it publicly. The US producers had questions from an Israeli journalist cut out of an interview without further ado. Apparently Hollywood wants to avoid a political issue around "Wonder Woman". Arab action lovers will be able to download the film from the Internet anyway.

The billboard says: "We love you"

Expressions of love on the part of their compatriots must feel all the better: "We love you", emblazoned in giant letters on a billboard above the highway in Tel Aviv, which shows the 32-year-old in her sexy riot gear as an unbeatable Amazon. As soon as the film started, her giant portrait also illuminated the facade of the Azrieli Tower, Israel's tallest building, with the inscription "Our Wonder Woman" above it.

Gal Gadot, whose first name means “wave” in German, now lives in Los Angeles, but in interviews she likes to refer to her origins: Rosh Ajin, a provincial Israeli town near Tel Aviv. Their compatriots, who have valued Gadot for a long time, like that. At the age of 19 she was named Miss Israel, after which the 1.78 meter tall woman with long brown hair made a career as a model and actress in supporting roles and popular TV series.

The Israelis think it's good that gadot did not shirk military service

The Israelis really appreciate the fact that Gadot did not shirk military service - like other Israeli stars like the supermodel Bar Refaeli. In addition, she is married despite an acting career. She met her husband Jaron Versano, a realtor, at a desert party. She also had two children: six-year-old Alma and three-month-old Maya. In short, for the Israelis Gal Gadot embodies a super woman with a feminine charisma and a feminist streak in real life.

Her daughter once said, "Princesses always sleep until the prince wakes them". In this respect, according to Gadot, the film contains an emancipatory message. “We have seen so many male-dominated stories. The more we have female narratives, the better. "

A second part of "Wonder Woman" is already being worked on

No matter how much she enjoys the new fame, Gal Gadot seems to be a little homesick at times in the glittering Californian world. “In Israel, the people have chutzpah,” she said on a television show, describing the difference between her homeland and the American way of life. Actually, she prefers the direct Israeli way of playing “as a game. I prefer the truth. ”She has not yet completely said goodbye to her old goal of eventually finishing her law degree.

But that is now a long way off. Since "Wonder Woman" is on the way to becoming a record-breaking box office hit - the film grossed 100 million dollars on its first weekend in the USA - work on the script for "Wonder Woman II" is already in progress.