Is your wife hot

Admitting to yourself as a woman that you're hot for sex

What I particularly appreciate about piqd are the spontaneous debates and thematic blocks. They have nothing to do with editorial guidelines or clickbaiting (if you read THAT here, you want your parents to die cruelly in 10 ways1! 11 !!), but often more to do with the informal compulsion of what is going on in the individual areas emerges as worth discussing.

Here in the canal Love, sex and us my colleagues Antje Schrupp and Judka Strittmatter have the field with very readable recommendations Feminine desire opened. Antje with her piq on the short story The Cat Personand Judka with her piq for an interview with the psychologist Susan Konrad. Both piqs raise very clairvoyant questions about what we as a society actually do with women's sexuality. Is there a difference between freedom and self-determination and is consent really always sufficient? Then I would like to throw this text into the debate here.

In it, the author describes that women find it remarkably difficult to stand by their own desires and needs, and even to shape the latter at all. Because it is made difficult for them. But men are not much better off in the structure that she has analyzed.

Either a woman’s legs are locked and closed and safe and healthy or else they are seen as open to just about anything flying in there. Either a man is totally shameless and without boundaries in his hunger, or he is silenced and sexless.

Far too often it is assumed that women are too fragile to cope with sexual appetite. Both her own and that of a male partner. And about the fact that men have an indomitable drive to which a female body must kindly be made available. So we screw past each other for miles because the imagined personalities in our heads get in the way of intimacy with the actual people.