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Here is a first small selection of aids that you can simply try out. Experience shows that something different helps everyone in particular - even empathetic people have a very individual "energy costume".

Energetic aids

Pink Yarrow flower essence (Pink yarrow): Protects the aura.
Flower essence garlic (Koblauch): Supports demarcation.
Bach flower mix Rescue (Emergency drops): Helps to strengthen / maintain one's own contour in the event of energy floods (aura stabilization)
Bach Flower Crab Apple (Crab Apple): Cleans the aura of foreign energies.
Bach flower Elm (Elm): Helps to drain off external energies
Bach flower cherry plum (Cherry plum): Helps to balance acute energy floods (contained in rescue drops).
Bach flower hornbeam (Hornbeam): Helps to balance the constant energetic stress (take over a longer period of time)
German flower essence bellflower: Helps to recognize one's own perception / truth, to stay "with oneself".

The flower essences can be found on the Internet in many corresponding mail order companies. You can find more information about flower essences here.

Fresh white yarrow: Cleans the aura. Just pick a bouquet in the summer, place it for example. B. next to her bed.
Elderberry or privet flowers: Supports demarcation and purification of the aura. In spring pick the flowers and put them in a bowl next to you.

Amethyst healing stone: Helps to let go of foreign energies.
Healing stone rock crystal: Cleans the aura.
Healing stone Larimar: Has shown himself to be a real helper for many empathetic people.
Smoky quartz healing stone: Harmonizes energetic exhaustion.
Healing stone rose quartz: Balances energetic interactions in the heart chakra, protects the heart.
Turquoise healing stone: Supports the demarcation.
Black tourmaline healing stone (Schörl): Supports the demarcation.
Sunstone healing stone: Balances energetic interactions in the solar plexus, protect the solar plexus.

Lavender essential fragrance oil: Cleanses, helps to let go of foreign energies and harmonizes the entire energy body.
Patchouli essential fragrance oil: Frees the aura from foreign energies and strengthens your own energy body.
Essential fragrance oil rose: Protects and harmonizes the entire energy body.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Distribute generously in the bath water, cleanses the entire energetic body.
sea-salt: Also in the bath water, absorbs "energetic slag".

combination out Lavender oil, multiply Amethyst stones and sea-salt into the bathing water: Usually helps very well, even with complete energetic "contamination".

White clothing: Has a good demarcation and energetic cleaning effect.
Black clothes: Also has a good demarcation effect, but possibly also more "heaviness".

Water: In the largest possible quantities as an external energetic cleaning agent, drunk to clean the inside. Try also to set up lots of bowls with salt or scented water around you.


Aura image: Draw a deep red outline of yourself, which you also color in completely deep red. Draw a blue oval (egg) around the contour. Hang the picture so you can see it often. This strengthens the delimitation of your aura and creates more "substance".

Cave: As often as possible, visualize yourself in a deep blue or purple (such as an amethyst) cave

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