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Chess: Grandmaster banned in the toilet for fraud

The Presidium of the German Chess Federation has passed a drastic verdict on a disreputable matter. Falko Bindrich from Zittau, who sits on the board for Eppingen, was suspended for two years because of a serious violation of the tournament rules of the German Chess League. The grandmaster did serious damage to the reputation of the chess federation, according to the verdict.

It was a delicate matter which the honorable gentlemen had to deal with at their meeting in Kassel. Bindrich got the smell of a swindler at the Bundesliga game Eppingen against Mühlheim. His nominally better opponent Pavel Tregubow, who lost the game, accused the 22-year-old of cheating.

Bindrich had gone to the toilet several times during the game with his smartphone. With such a telephone, online access to chess databases is possible. However, the referee had not established enough suspicions. A shit on the quiet place could not be proven. Not yet.

The toilet hall stank to heaven

The next day Eppingen plays against Katernberg. Sensitized by Tregubov's allegations, referee Dieter von Häfen kept a particularly close eye on the suspect this time. Shortly after the start of the game, Bindrich disappeared for the first time. Later a few more times at short intervals.

His opponent Sebastian Siebrecht thought that the frequent toilet calls stank to heaven. The 2.02 meter tall man kneeled in front of the toilet door and checked the position of Bindrich's feet, but without any conclusive result.

Finally, the referee decided to do a bag check. But Bindrich refused to pull out his smartphone. He justified this with private pictures and sensitive business data that he did not want to show anyone. Instead, he complained about the "pursuit, eavesdropping and spying" down to the quiet place and spoke of "chicane". Even his team captain Hans Dekan couldn't get him to pull out the cell phone.

The man is a repeat offender

The referee had no choice but to take Bindrich out of the game. Cell phones have been banned in all chess classes for years. If a player's cell phone rings during an encounter, the game is counted as lost for the cell phone owner. Title contender Eppingen lost two valuable points with a 3.5: 4.5 against outsider Katernberg.

Bindrich now has the opportunity to appeal. However, his chances of success are negligible, because he is considered a repeat offender. When he hit the headlines with a sensational victory over ex-world champion Garry Kasparov, he had already been proven to be computer fraud.