How stable is Apple really

iPhone 12 display: Video shows that Apple's new Ceramic Shield is really that stable


The iPhone 12 uses the Ceramic Shield introduced by Apple. But how stable is it really? A drop test in the network now reveals more.

  • The iPhone 12 uses a new screen protector called "Ceramic Shield".
  • This should be significantly more break-resistant.
  • A drop test confirms Apple's statements from the keynote.

When the cell phone slips out of the hand and the infamous "Spider-App" extends over the glass, the frustration is high again - especially with expensive devices. Apple wants to prevent this on the display of the iPhone 12 with the so-called "Ceramic Shield".

A test on the net now shows that this is as stable as Apple claims at the keynote.

Allstate Protection Plans has published a drop test on the Internet with the iPhone 12 from different heights, sometimes from over 1.80 meters on a pedestrian crossing.

The result is astonishing, because the new display of the iPhone 12 actually seems to be significantly more shatterproof than that of the iPhone 11. In comparison, only minor damage was visible on the display. After falling on its side, the screen remained completely intact.

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Apple stated in its keynote that the iPhone 12 display can withstand falls up to four times better than the previous models. The test now confirms the statement. The iPhone 12 is not indestructible and you should still be careful not to drop the device carelessly.

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