Why can't I screenshot Netflix

How can I take a screenshot of Netflix?

I'm watching Netflix in Safari on macOS 10.13.3.

I was just trying to take a screenshot using different methods:

  1. while Safari is in full screen mode (Netflix not).
  2. and dragging during Safari in full screen mode.
  3. while Safari is not in full screen mode and out of focus.
  4. and drag while Safari is out of full screen and out of focus.

But none of these captured the screen, I only get black images.

How can I extract a picture from a show on Netflix?


The source is the combination of Netflix and Safari, which turns off screenshots and screencasts of the content to prevent piracy.

You should be able to take screenshots using Google Chrome:

I'm sending this in as a reply because I think these are better "how to do this in Safari" answers, although there is already an accepted solution.

I really hate to suggest third-party software, but if this is the case, give Greenshot a try. It's easy and simple to use.

NOTE: GUILTY, I just checked and it's 1.99USD on OSX. Here is a list of alternatives:


https://www.apowersoft.com/mac-screenshot is the top hit (if the link doesn't work anymore)

Yah. I was always using Firefox a few days ago and never had this problem. However, you can capture part of the image that you want to scan. That way it works smoothly (just needs to be the right dimensions). In general, you shouldn't take a full screen screenshot and use Alt + 4, but shrink it down a bit to bypass privacy policy.

I'll bet Safari and Netflix implemented this policy not for screenshots per se, but to keep the video from playing and torrenting the video. However, since they couldn't address the problem head on, they had to work together and do so at the source to prevent all images (moving or not) from being recorded. How pointless: P

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