Should I continue to see my psychiatrist?

Difference: psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist

What is a psychotherapist? Basically there is not just one psychotherapist, there are different ones. A medical psychotherapist has usually studied medicine and then completed further training to become a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy. A psychological psychotherapist, on the other hand, studied psychology and then completed the training in psychological psychotherapy.

Both are allowed to treat equally with certain psychotherapeutic procedures. Which these are depends both on the mental illness that is to be treated and on the doctor himself. Differences between medical psychotherapy and psychological psychotherapy only affect the training path of the therapist. The difference is that psychological psychotherapists are not allowed to prescribe medication, medical psychotherapists can.

With analytical psychotherapy it refers to psychoanalysis methods that influenced Sigmund Freud. The health insurance company will also cover the costs. The training to become a psychoanalyst differs from that of a psychiatrist or that of a psychological psychotherapist. A completed psychology or medicine degree is also a prerequisite.

The Psychotherapy based on depth psychology is a form of therapy that has developed from psychoanalysis. It is based on the assumption that a mental illness is based on an inner conflict that is unconscious and originates from childhood. Therapists use the method to treat acute depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or panic disorder.

There are specially trained child psychotherapists and adolescent psychotherapists for the treatment of children and adolescents.

Naturopaths for psychotherapy have nothing to do with medical or psychological psychotherapists. The naturopath is also an apprenticeship. However, the training usually only lasts between one and two years. You do not need to study medicine or psychology. For this reason, the health insurances do not pay for therapy with naturopaths for psychotherapy.

When is psychotherapy?

People with mental health problems should seek help. Mental illnesses can also get worse over time without treatment. There are many Reasons why someone should seek psychotherapeutic help. These include, for example:

  • Mental crises for which there is no adequate explanation and which persist
  • Constantly recurring fears and worries that dominate the mind
  • Difficulty sleeping or other physical symptoms for which no physical cause can be identified
  • Difficulty concentrating, constant excessive demands, extreme mood swings, aggression

If you are unsure whether you should seek psychotherapeutic help, you can discuss this with your family doctor. The family doctor can also help find the right psychiatrist or psychological psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy: costs

The health insurance pays the costs for psychotherapy. It does not matter whether a psychiatrist or a psychological psychotherapist carries out the psychotherapy. However, a diagnosis must be available for approval.

The cost of psychotherapy varies depending on the illness. The hourly rates charged by a psychiatrist or psychological psychotherapist are similar - they are between 50 and 150 euros. However, the number of sessions required to treat a mental illness can vary widely. That depends on the type and severity of the disease, as well as the chosen form of therapy.