What can we do with digital marketing

Digital Marketing - What Can Online Marketing Do For Me?

If you deal with marketing strategies and measures, sooner or later you will come across terms like "Digital marketing"(" Digital Marketing ") or Online marketing stumble. Terms that have become more and more famous in recent years and have become an indispensable part of everyday life for every marketing manager. Digital advertising reaches each of us - every day.

But what does the term digital marketing actually mean?

As an umbrella term, digital marketing describes marketing strategies that use digital technologies (internet, smartphones and other digital media). It is completely irrelevant whether products or services are to be advertised and what range the offers have. Digital marketing takes place at the customer's home.

In digital marketing, one often speaks of so-called "channels" - that is, channels through which marketing takes place. Examples of such marketing channels would be:


For example, you can place advertisements on websites, in search engines, on smartphones or tablets or in many other places and, with the help of "Affiliate Ads", place advertisements exactly where you can reach your customers. With online advertising, you usually only pay for ads that you actually see or click (e.g. thanks to pay-per-click ads)

You can use email marketing to retain existing customers, arouse interests and target business deals in a targeted manner. Thanks to many automated strategies, you can win orders here and measure the success of your strategies without much additional effort.

Social media marketing is primarily about maintaining direct communication with (potential) buyers, interested parties or partners. Marketing and advertising have long ceased to be pure media of confrontation. Today the customer expects a dialogue and high availability. Gone are the days when advertising just had to be served. The customer wants interaction and a willingness to communicate.

Another big part of a digital marketing strategy is findability on the internet. The Internet is made up of billions of websites and thousands of content are added every day. The (potential) customer has an incredibly wide range to choose from - if you do not appear in the right place at the right time, he will opt for one of the other hits. Especially when it comes to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, it is extremely important to be found on one of the first pages - or have you ever looked up to page 25 for a suitable result?

You SEO Search engine optimization deals with how you can ideally position your own pages and content on the Internet. If you are found better, the chances of making a purchase also increase significantly. For this purpose, you then rely on various marketing strategies for SEO optimization, which are intended to stimulate the customer on your own website and guide them to the purchase. For example, there is the marketing funnel model, which is used to guide customers to a deal.

What can digital marketing do for my business?

In online marketing, a very precise specification of the target group is possible. Thanks to many different methods, you can narrow down exactly who you want to reach with your digital marketing measure and thus do not pay for advertising measures that go past your target group (as is often the case in the print sector). In this way, online campaigns can be set up regionally, nationally or internationally and specifically aimed at potential customers - thus you increase your sales with a minimal advertising budget, as you no longer pay for unseen advertising!

Usually you can choose the budget of your marketing campaigns in the digital area very flexibly. This gives you the opportunity to optimize your campaigns until you achieve the maximum ROI (return of investment - profit in relation to expenditure).

If you would like to find out more about the individual added value digital marketing can have for your company or business, please contact one of our marketing experts! We look forward to advising you individually.