What is the usual Hindu greeting

The behavior that you should have in India for a successful holiday

A few rules of conduct

To greet you, you bow and bring your hands together, something from you Namaste can be accompanied. For the Indians, the clasped hands symbolize the encounter of the spirit with the interlocutor. When the hands together are in front of the chest, this is the normal greeting; they are held in front of the face to greet people of higher rank; and above your head to honor God.

Dress code is very important in India, loose and long clothing is appropriate, regardless of whether it is for men or women. It is also customary to take off your shoes before entering people you have invited, but also places of worship and temples.

When eating in India, it is normal and even welcomed to burp at the table. It is also important to taste every dish, even if it is just a little, turning down a dish is perceived as impolite. When you don't want any more refills, leave a little bit on your plate. In addition, avoid serious topics like politics or religion during the meal, preferring topics like family or culture. Caution is also advised with the spices, which may surprise your unaccustomed palate!

The body, a serious issue in India

If you do not know the person you are speaking to, or know only a little, it can be very badly understood if you touch them. For example, greeting kisses are seen as a sexual gesture. Therefore, lovers should also avoid publicly expressing their appropriation. The head is the part of the body that is most sacred to the Indians, therefore never touch it, not even with children.

On the other hand, touching the feet of an elder or a boss is seen as a sign of respect. The feet, which are always in contact with the earth, are seen as dirty and unclean. Once the feet have been touched, the person waits for the superior's blessing, especially for him to touch his head. Be careful not to point or touch anyone with your feet, as they will be considered unclean.

As in Muslim countries like Turkey or Malaysia, it is common to eat with your fingers, always use your right hand when eating (also to give or receive an object). The left hand, on the other hand, is intended for the genital area and is considered to be impure.

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Updated October 20, 2015