How to write a proposal

What does a good suggestion for improvement look like?

The ideal suggestion for improvement

A suggestion for improvement should address deficiencies and inadequacies in each area and suggest a remedy or a change to the existing situation. One should bear in mind, however, that the suggestion system is not a "suggestion box" and that suggestions from the point of view of "nice to have" are not always appropriate. The suggestion for improvement should be new and not relate exclusively to your own work task, i.e. it should go beyond the scope of the tasks and responsibilities assigned.

To be described is:
+ What needs to be improved
+ Where the improvement has to be made
+ How the improvement can be carried out
+ What benefits can be expected.

Methods or ideas such as those listed in the following list are particularly suitable as suggestions for improvement.

What is particularly suitable?

  • Quality improvement of the service
  • Increase in guest satisfaction
  • Simplification of working procedures
  • Simplification of processes in the company
  • Elimination of sources of error
  • Energy saving
  • Ease of work
  • Improvement of corporate communication
  • Increasing safety in the workplace
  • Reduction in the number of illnesses
  • Promotion of collegial cooperation
  • Improvement of the working atmosphere

What are not suggestions for improvement?

  • Pure indications of existing difficulties and the need for repairs
  • Criticizing or pointing out problems without any concrete solution proposals
  • The suggestion was already the subject of an earlier suggestion for improvement
  • If the submitter had the express instruction from his superior to solve the problem identified in the proposal
  • If the proposal relates to the direct area of ​​responsibility of the submitter (see also the chapter on job descriptions). For example, the chef cannot submit a proposal to save on grocery purchases.


You should make specifications on how a suggestion for improvement should be formulated. The original condition in need of improvement should be described as precisely and clearly as possible. Then the proposed improvement should be presented and its advantages highlighted. Drawings, photographs or samples, for example of suggested devices or aids, can often be helpful. You can also offer the support of your supervisor, management or another specialist in the company.

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