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DW too stormy on the sweat trail

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HoheTannen, I have exactly the same "problem" and what Colchius wrote is very good. I would like to take the exam with my DL one day, he is now 3 and would fail immediately because he is still very stormy. I have only noticed for a few weeks now, and after a lot more (especially non-hunting) occupation with him, that he is gradually becoming calmer. I explicitly wanted to teach this dog everything for the sweat trail and at some point I understood that his abilities were so good in this regard that I really aroused and encouraged his drive, but put him in front of "kindergarten tasks". Raising the demands really works wonders sometimes. If the idiot behind the leash acts sensibly, this dog will find everything, but if I went to the test with him now, he would first enthusiastically invite all judges to play and is not required something like: Beside Go to the Fiihrer, let him take it off, calm down to the connection after an examination by the Fiihrer, then let's go? When the dog knows that it has to look for something, it switches on such a turbo that it unwinds the entire program in one second, then waits with a resting heart rate of 180 and then starts like a machine with its nose in the ground. As soon as the terrain becomes more difficult for human feet, you practically fly behind. But as I said, he becomes calmer and more responsive, in everything and is otherwise a fantastic guy, just jittery on the trail. I am not giving up and I hope to be able to demonstrate it for examination when I am 5 or more years old. A hunting dog trainer once said: Excellent abilities, but too selfish and stubborn, leader-related yes, but not when it comes to game. I'm not giving up, and besides, I love this clumsy ox as much as the whole family.
"German slow", yes, yes, dreams on, "take a long hair, that's the quietest of the heads", yes, that's clear. Unless you catch the most passionate and crazy of the whole litter. You always get the dog you need to learn and I've learned a lot.
I tried stranglers and things like that very briefly and only disturbed the dog and left it immediately. He can only tolerate relationships and only learns through it, Parforce brings nothing to the table and anyway: I will never break this proud character.
Incidentally, the dog has already achieved successes for me that would impress some. Now he is snoring peacefully here and dreams of the game that he rediscovered today while walking.
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