What makes Booking com unique

About Booking.com ™

Incredible selection
Whether you want to stay in a chic city apartment, a luxury resort on the beach or a cozy bed and breakfast in the country, Booking.com offers you an incredible variety and selection of accommodation, all on one website.

Low prices
Booking.com guarantees to offer the best available rates. We draw level with cheaper offers, so you can be sure that you always get the best price.

Immediate confirmation
At Booking.com every booking is confirmed immediately. As soon as you have found your perfect accommodation, it is booked in just a few clicks.

No reservation fees
We do not charge any reservation or other administration fees. And often you can cancel your booking for free.

Secure booking
We process several hundred thousand transactions every day via our secure platform and work with the highest security standards to protect your data. For more information, see the privacy policy.

24/7 support
Whether you've just booked or are already enjoying your trip, our customer experience team is always there to answer your questions and advance your interests in over 40 languages. Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions for Travelers page.