What happens when a person eats mold

Eaten mold? There is one thing to note!

Eaten mold? There is one thing to note!

One time not paying attention and you have already bitten off the moldy bread. But how toxic is it and what happens in the body when we have eaten mold? Who will tell you what to do!

Sometimes it's quick, a slice of bread is smeared and suddenly you feel something furry on your tongue. Mold, sometimes barely visible or already recognizable as a fluffy covering, is sometimes more, sometimes less detectable in the air and is looking for, e.g. B. bread or fresh fruit or vegetables to let off and grow there. Is that true? Moisture content and PH value or if putrefaction sets in, sooner or later mold will form. In the case of bread it can e.g. For example, it may happen that the lower pane of the bread bag is moldy, but a few panes above it still shows hardly any mold. It was bitten off quickly by this slightly moldy pane. But what should you do if you have eaten mold?

Eaten mold? What to do?

  • A little bit of mold actually doesn't do any harmas long as the immune system is working properly. The body will react quickly to this, so that often no or very few symptoms are visible. In the optimal case, the food is simply digested. However, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can also occur.
  • However, with larger amounts of mold, the toxins can make themselves felt in the body. To prevent this, you can Charcoal tablets take in. These bind toxins in the body. Charcoal tablets are available in pharmacies, drugstores or online, e.g. as a pack of 30 from SOS or Merck.
  • Should it result in more severe symptoms such as Diarrhea or vomiting come, charcoal tablets and plenty of drinking can also help. In the event of large amounts of mold or severe symptoms, you should consult a doctor immediately.
  • Children, pregnant women and people with a weakened immune system should alsosee a doctor as soon as possible. Consequential damage can be ruled out using a blood test. If necessary, an enema is performed to flush the toxins out of the intestines.

Poisoning by toxins

Mold contains so-called Aflatoxinswhich can be harmful to health over a long period of time. With frequent consumption of mold it can lead to diseases such asLiver damage, kidney damage, allergies and damage to the immune system occur. In addition, the mold can develop with prolonged consumption carcinogenic Act.

Cutting away mold - which foods can you still eat?

Even if no mold is visible yet, it can already be in the food. This is especially true for fruit and vegetables that contain water, as well as bread. There it is not enough to cut away the affected areas, but to dispose of all the food. The same applies to:

  • all pasta and baked goods
  • cooked meals
  • Yogurt and other dairy products
  • Meat and fish products
  • nuts
Important: Is z. For example, if only an apple is slightly moldy in the net or a strawberry, you do not need to dispose of all the fruit. It is perfectly sufficient to dispose of the moldy piece and wash the other fruits well.
Dry foods such as hard cheese, salami sticks and solid fruits and vegetables such as cabbage or carrots do not have to be disposed of immediately. That’s enough Cut off affected areas generously. This also applies to jam: Simply remove the moldy area with a spoon. The rest of the spread is still edible.

Prevent mold growth

Store fruits and vegetables in a clean and cool environment. Local fruits like it cool and dark, e.g. B. in the refrigerator or cellar, tropical fruits, however, can be stored for a long time at room temperature. That also applies to tomatoesthat otherwise lose their taste in the refrigerator. Bread does not belong in the refrigerator either, otherwise it will humidity pulls and molds faster. Instead, it should be kept in a dry place, e.g. B. be stored in an air-permeable can.

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