How to Make College Years Productive


Hi Uwe,

everything is great here. Now everything is getting a little more strenuous as the school is slowly gaining momentum. Before everything was a bit more relaxed, but well ... Just get back to work mode.

I've definitely settled in, the team (my first team ever) is really great and the guys are really strong. Let's see how far we come this year, we definitely have big plans. I'm trying to get into the top 7, at the moment it looks good, but I'm 7th man. 😀 I just have to slowly get used to the scope, but the coach has me too, for example instead of 9 miles of continuous pace + a faster mile, luckily I've already met my target after 6 miles.

Lectures: All of the teachers seem nice and motivated so far, but after one hour I can still hardly judge how well you learn in the end.

Our coach is great, as I said, instead of eating me up. He's a laid-back guy, likes to chat and is still experimenting a little (according to the others) but he is definitely capable of learning and making progress. (E.g. regarding training times without missing lessons etc) In terms of sport he knows but definitely what he is doing, our strength training trainer is awesome too! And the physiotherapists are also always available 🙂

So far, everything can be recommended in any case, as I said I can't judge the lessons too well, but the first impression is good. Also the accommodation, the Monroe Residence Club is pretty cool so far. 😉

I can't think of anything about you in a hurry that should have been much better. In any case, it was very helpful that you were almost always available to answer questions, thanks again for that. 🙂