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Catch up on the apprenticeship qualification


People with professional experience or apprentices who were unable to finish their apprenticeship can also take the final apprenticeship examination ("final apprenticeship examination in the second educational path").


People with abandoned apprenticeships

People that

  • provide evidence of at least half of the apprenticeship period, possibly taking into account an apprenticeship replacement period
  • for whom there is no possibility of concluding an apprenticeship contract for the missing apprenticeship period,

can be admitted to the final apprenticeship examination.

The earliest possible examination date is the one on which the apprentice could have taken the examination at the earliest if the apprentice started an apprenticeship on July 1st of the year in which he / she finished compulsory schooling.

The theoretical exam is not required for the final apprenticeship exam if

  • the achievement of the teaching objective of the last class of the vocational school or
  • the completion of a vocational middle or higher school that replaces the apprenticeship period

is proven.

People with professional experience

Persons aged 18 and over,

  • who have been employed as an assistant or similar for so long that they have acquired the skills and knowledge required in the relevant apprenticeship, or
  • who have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge by attending appropriate courses,

can take the final apprenticeship examination without a previous apprenticeship period.

People with disabilities who have acquired their knowledge and skills in the course of rehabilitation measures can also be admitted to the final apprenticeship examination under the age of 18.

Preparation for the final apprenticeship examination

There are preparatory courses for the final apprenticeship examination for many apprenticeships. There are various offices that offer preparatory courses, e.g. the BFI or the WIFI. The preparatory courses are usually part-time. The preparation for the exam usually takes about a year.

Application for exceptional admission to the final apprenticeship examination

The application for exceptional admission to the final apprenticeship examination must be submitted to the apprenticeship office of the Chamber of Commerce (→ WKO).


In addition to any costs for a preparatory course, the examination fee must be paid. However, there are grants. Information on grants for catching up on an apprenticeship qualification can be found in the database of educational grants.

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