How will google duplex change everything

Google will soon take the calls off us

By Andreas Filbig | May 09, 2018, 3:28 p.m.

At the annual developer conference I / O, Google amazed viewers with a new function that none of the competitors have yet: The Google Assistant voice assistant handles calls for you - and it is deceptively real!

Google boss Sundar Pichai played recordings of two phone calls that were made fully automatically with people by the Google Assistant. The aim was to reserve an appointment with the hairdresser and at a table in a restaurant.

Google Assistant handled phone calls with flying colors

While the conversation at the hairdresser's went smoothly, the software in the restaurant was already being challenged more. So the woman on the other end of the line initially misunderstood how many people and which day it was about - and then it turned out that the restaurant only accepts reservations from five guests. The assistant then asked about the usual waiting times on a Wednesday. So the assistant reacted masterfully even to unexpected twists and turns in the conversation.

All in all, an impressive demonstration of the new capability of the Google Assistant, which has been dubbed “Google Duplex”. The voices sound absolutely real and always have the right answer ready, at least in the presentation.

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According to Pichai, both calls were real and the other person on the call did not know that she was talking on the phone with a voice assistant.

How does Google Duplex work?

Google relies fully on artificial intelligence for its automatic phone calls. The software is constantly learning and getting better as a result. She takes on new terms, sentences, dialects and language patterns and is thus getting closer and closer to her goal of being able to take even more calls.

When can you use Google Duplex?

The function is still in development, stressed Pichai. The Internet company wants to benefit from strengths in artificial intelligence and the knowledge of its search engine about the world. Pichai did not provide any information about when it will be available to users. German users will have to wait a while as the software will probably only be optimized for the English language.

Google relies on displays for intelligent speakers

Even now, the Google Assistant should not only communicate more intensively by voice, but also display additional information on the screen. Google calls the networked speakers with an additional screen "Smart Displays". In July, such devices from brands such as LG, Lenovo or JBL should come onto the market. The advantage is, for example, that you can also watch videos directly on YouTube or start video chats via the loudspeakers with displays, said product manager Lilian Rincon. Amazon already demonstrated this with its Echo Spot.

These are the most important commands for Google Home

At the same time, with a stronger integration of the screens, Google could solve the problem that there is no space to display advertising with pure voice assistants - which still makes up the majority of the Group's business. The Google Assistant should also display more visual information on the smartphone, it said.

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