Can physics explain God

Physics and theology : God as the beginning of everything?

It's like an unsolved criminal case. What exactly happened during the Big Bang? For the first moment in the life of the universe, the moment in which matter, time and space came into being, there are of course no witnesses. Just his echo. We depend on science to reconstruct it. So far she has had a hard time with it. Conventional physical theories already presuppose space and time and are therefore not applicable to the very short period before their “creation”.

There is something mysterious about this “first nanosecond” (in truth, probably a much shorter period of time, called the Planck era). What if the big bang at the beginning of everything was actually an act of creation, a shot from God's pistol, as it were?

The thought is tempting. Where science is at the end of its wisdom, faith comes back into play. Even more: both work hand in hand. The very first breath of space belongs to God, the era after that belongs to science. Time is a flexible term. What seems incredibly short to us could last a very long time in the eyes of the Eternal. Enough opportunity to create a universe in peace of mind. The smallest atom of time turns into tens of thousands of creative years before the morning of the universe really dawns and the first grain of sand trickles through the hourglass.

Before Darwin, one had to believe in God

And yet this idea is not really convincing. This is primarily due to the fact that in this model of thought God is degraded to a kind of stopgap. It always appears when science has not understood a state of affairs, does not (yet) know what to do next. No explanation, ergo God. So it was with the diversity of life on earth. Before Charles Darwin, the founder of the theory of evolution, it was next to impossible not to believe in God, the evolutionary biologist and declared atheist Richard Dawkins once said. The evidence in nature that a brilliant designer had been at work was too convincing. Everywhere you looked, true marvels!

It was Darwin who, with his idea of ​​natural selection, enabled a new understanding of natural occurrences - and closed the knowledge gap in which God had previously been. In addition to the Big Bang, there are many such “niches”. Yet more and more are being filled with conclusive theories. God's territory is shrinking.

The role that is intended for him as the first watchmaker in the universe will not satisfy a believer anyway, since it borders on atheism. After all, the Big Bang was almost 14 billion years ago. The idea is that the cosmic clockwork has been running so relentlessly and relentlessly ever since. It may be that God himself started the process. But his work is done, he himself is no longer visible. Doesn't he care?

Does God Die When the Big Bang Is Explained?

Finally: What does it mean when the Big Bang is one day scientifically “grasped” in a satisfactory manner? Is this the death sentence for the creator god?

Scientific hypotheses about the origin of the universe are diverse. They now go far beyond the (largely accepted) assumption of a big bang and postulate, for example, the existence of many different multiverses. Whatever your position on these partially speculative ideas, they are based on scientific methods and already known knowledge.

God does not appear in cosmologists' equations. It is not required and will not be missed. If a theoretical physicist were to insert a “God factor” into one of his equations, it would be like Robinson Crusoe suddenly appearing in the story of Peter Pan. Nice for Robinson not to be alone on his island anymore. But there would be no use for it in the world of Peter Pan.

Whoever restricts God to the inexplicable remainder allows his territory to shrink with every scientific advance. In this situation the religious retreats to the inner certainty that God exists. It is she who establishes the belief of most people. Their advantage is that such a believed God can ultimately not be called into question from outside. It cannot be refuted. But it cannot be proven - outside of one's own certainty - either. That is the price the believer has to pay. His religion is deaf to the echo of the big bang.

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