What is your idea of ​​Game of Thrones



Dragon fire under the king's ass

A fantasy middle ages - in the end everyone is dead - musical

What to do if your friend has just been abandoned by her great love? Should they be comforted? Assist her? Or watch the Game of Thrones finale together? Perhaps she will find encouragement in murder, inbreeding, and executions?

But what if she's never seen Game of Thrones before? Not looking is out of the question. So there is only one thing left: audition. Eight seasons in two hours. With everything that goes with it: horses, swords, white zombies and green fire. And because you don't have any of them in the living room, you just take what you find.

But: how do you make a kite in a hurry?

Jon Schnee, Hodor, Daenerys, the Khal, Jaime Lannister and Arya Stark sing, dance and murder as much as they can. An evening where the musical breaks the path of shame - Shame, Shame, Shame! - have to go.

In a total of 53 roles: Caroline Frank, Ariana Schirasi-Fard, Julia Edtmeier, Gerhard Kasal, Peter Lesiak and Georg Leskovich.

Director: Nicolaus Hagg Choreography: Simon Eichenberger Musical director: Christian Frank At the piano: Christian Frank (Béla Fischer jr.)

Stage design: Enid Löser Costumes: Julia Kassmannhuber Mask: Aurora Hummer, Angela Schnieder Props: Silke Drack Sound design: Markus Grandegger Light design: Andreas Raunig Stage technology: Sascha Dreindl, Florian Mayerhofer, Christoph Skorjanec

Book, music and lyrics: Chris Grace, Zach Reino, AI Samuels, Nick Semar and Dan Wessels Producers of the English-language world premiere: Emily Dorezas and AI Samuels German version: Joachim Brandl & Michael Niavarani German lyrics: Sigrid Hauser Performance rights: Schultz & Schirm Bühnenverlag

From November 20, 2019 in the Simpl cabaret. Duration 2 hours (plus 20 minutes break)

ACTIONAnyone who comes to a performance in a GoT costume gets a free beer, wine or an anti-alcoholic drink at the bar!


The Salzburg news about THRONES!

“(…) Insiders will definitely get their money's worth in the parody. In addition to excellent details, ironic lyrics and ludicrous costumes, they can look forward to an alternative ending after a series finale that was disappointing for many. (...)

 “Sentences like“ You don't know, Jon Schnee ”or“ What can happen at a wedding? ”Seem to pull the entire audience in the hall from their chairs. The stage is pitch black, only screams and the clink of swords can be heard. “The best battle of all time,” it says. The audience is freaking out. "


Recommendation by the moth:


"(...) a lively parody (...) that deals with the hit series Game of Thrones (...) An extremely entertaining evening, including an alternative ending, is not just waiting for fans of the series."



“Dragons to laugh! Anyone who thinks "Game Of Thrones" is funny (or takes it too seriously) is in good hands here. "

"(...) One has never laughed so warmly at the piercing of a baby doll."