Looks this tattoo shaded

I got two new roses 6 weeks ago get a tattoo (I already have a few in my arms, they are now 2 years old), all by the same tattoo artist, with whom I was actually satisfied until now.
Now it is that they look weirdly washed out and somehow too bright, especially the smaller rose. Was it just the color of the shading that came out and only needs to be re-engraved or is it badly engraved?
I know that new tattoos look different than older ones, but I wanted to get some opinions.
I can't really remember how the older roses did looked like when they were freshly pricked, so I'm really confused by now and I'm afraid that it was actually badly pricked.
I've attached a few pictures of the new and older tattoos.

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written by OlgaCs on May 29, 2017 - 6:30 pm.

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