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How can you save broken hair without scissors? 4 brilliant tips

From STYLEBOOK | September 04, 2020, 4:35 p.m.

The tips are frayed, the cut has long since grown out - but cutting off is still not an option for you? STYLEBOOK spoke to a hairdresser and gave tips on how to save broken hair.

The best tips and home remedies at a glance

What care can save long hair?

Kim Fischer, owner of the KIM & ICH hairdressing salon in Münster: “The right care depends on the hair, fine hair often needs more protein. Especially when you straighten a lot, use bleaching or use very chemical procedures, you often need more protein. Thick, firm, bristly hair, on the other hand, needs more lipids and moisture, making fine hair difficult and mushy. Normal hair likely needs lipids and proteins. The hair consists of both, and when it's broken, one of them is usually missing. "

Wash broken hair properly

With the right hair washing technique, broken hair cannot be saved, but further damage can be avoided. To do this, just apply the shampoo to the roots and massage into the scalp. The tips are automatically cleaned when they are washed out. You should also avoid using silicones in the shampoo. These weigh down the hair and make it look greasy faster. Avoid washing your hair every day so as not to put additional strain on your already broken hair. After the shampoo, a conditioner should be applied, which provides more shine and split ends are less visible. A hair mask once a week helps to supply the damaged hair with important nutrients. The mask can be applied in the evening so that it can work overnight.

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What should I do without if my hair is broken?

If the hair is broken, you should avoid using heat, straightening irons, etc. ”, says the expert. But you don't necessarily have to refrain from blow-drying. Fischer: “That is often called negative. But if you have the right product that brings conditioners to your hair and you work with a high-quality brush, blow-drying can be almost like polishing your hair. But: blow-dry only with heat protection. Always! Generally everything only with heat protection. "

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Hair styling - the right products

If the hair is styled, many like to use hairspray to fix it. However, this sticks the hair together and dries it out. Coloring and tinting also attacks broken hair and promotes split ends. If you don't want to do without dyeing, you should pay attention to natural products that are less likely to damage the hair. Avoid applying the color to the tips; it is often enough to just re-color the roots.

10 mistakes we make when caring for hair

Long hair that is worn loose rubs against each other due to the constant movement and can become brittle. If you still want to save your long mane from the scissors, you should tie your hair as often as possible in a bun or a loosely braided pigtail. This is especially true at night. Elastic pigtails without metal are best for this.

The best home remedies and tips for broken hair

Simple home remedies can also help your hair regain shine and strength.

olive oil

Easy to use and definitely to be found in every household: olive oil. Spread the oil in the tips once a week and massage gently into the scalp. Then it is best to leave it on overnight and wash off the next morning with a gentle shampoo.

Wash your hair less

If you wash your hair less, you protect its structure and do not put additional strain on broken tips. At the same time, the sebum produced on the scalp is the best treatment for shine and strong hair. So if you are sick or know that you will not have to be around people for several days, you can have your hair greasy. Distribute the resulting sebum through the hair with a comb or a brush.

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DiY hair mask

Masks don't always have to be bought, you can easily make them yourself. Mix an egg yolk with three teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil and massage into your hair. Wrap the whole thing with cling film and let it work for two to three hours.

Cut tips regularly

If you want permanently healthy hair, you cannot avoid a regular visit to the hairdresser. The good thing about it: If you have your tips cut at certain intervals, you avoid losing too much length, because hair grows longer and stronger in the long run despite or especially because of a visit to the hairdresser.

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