What is the most overfunded weapon

For the child in us, it is a real challenge to recreate the cult weapons of our favorite shooters and thus to bring them from the digital to the real world. At Destiny, the heart beats faster given the exotic weapon selection. But then there is also a sniper who caused a lot of excitement and disappointment. Anyone who had spent their coins on the “No Land Beyond” sniper rifle was faced with an overfunded problem. A high rate of fire was offered, but did little damage. So anyone who fired not only targeted headshots was rather modestly equipped in the chaos of a dynamic combat situation. That went pretty stupid.

So it's no wonder if some people wonder why a Reddit user wanted to recreate this part of all things. The best comment came from another user who said he had seen a perfect 1: 1 replica of the weapon made from just one piece of metal. He then posted a picture of a trash can. A successful joke for everyone who witnessed the frustration with the flopped sniper.

Destiny: The No Land Outside Replica is better than the real thing

However, if you look at the end result of the replica, you can only take off your hat in amazement and bow to the Destiny player. He did not simply copy the "No Land Outside". No, he organized a suitable piece of wood and re-carved the part. The whole thing took two weeks. And the wooden sniper is really impressive. Our carved wooden swords from childhood can't really keep up. But we don't have to feel bad about that. He didn't do it without any experience. Previously, this talented person had also made replicas of weapons from Zelda and Skyrim, for example. The Sniper weighs less than 2.5 kilos and is therefore even easy to carry. The wood artist left out the print because there was probably some excitement at conventions in the USA with replicas that were too detailed. And you don't really have to cause trouble with the law about something that is actually playful that awakens the child in us.

We definitely like the wooden version of the "No Land Outside" - Sniper really well and better than the original. He can rightly be proud of the result. He just used a printout of the rifle as a template, and then he got started. If you compare the whole thing with the 1.15 meter long and eight kilo heavy Lego replica for the Gjallarhorn, which is of course also totally ingenious, then you definitely appreciate the lightness of the "No Land Outside" replica . Looking at the carving, you can really imagine how grown-up people re-enact some Destiny action in the backyard. No, this is 'of course' a collector's item. We would never come up with the idea ... ....... Or what do you think? Does anyone fancy a little real life game?