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What does "Hood" mean? Explanation and definition


Do you hear the term Hood in rap songs over and over again and don't know exactly what it means? Netzwelt explains it to you.

That means Hood: "Neighborhood"

Hood is an English word and means hood or hood. When it is used in German youth language, however, the abbreviation of the English word Neighborhood is meant.

Hood in hip-hop

The term Hood or the saying "I come from the hood" comes from the American rapper slang. The hood has been so fetishized by pop culture that children and young people do not always notice that these skyscrapers and districts consist of real houses in which people live in sometimes poor conditions.

The word hood may mean neighborhood, but its meaning in hip-hop is difficult to define. Because it is often described that the Hood is not (only) a hip place, but also a dangerous place, with a lot of crime. This is for example addressed in the song of the Wu-Tang clan "In The Hood".

When Hood is spoken of in the youth language, it usually refers to the place where you live and where you like to hang out with your homies. The term is particularly popular in hip parts of big cities.

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