What is wastewater treatment about?

Wastewater discharge into the public sewer system (indirect discharge)

In wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants, many pollutants can no longer be removed and thus end up in the water or soil. That is why they are to be kept to a minimum using special techniques at the point of origin where the wastewater is still undiluted.

The legal basis for the approval of discharges into public sewage systems, so-called indirect discharges, is the Indirect Discharge Ordinance (IndV). Their validity is limited to the state of Berlin. When assessing wastewater discharge, the Water Management Act, the Berlin Water Act and the Wastewater Ordinance must be used in addition to the Indirect Discharge Ordinance.

Approval requirement

The discharge of wastewater from various commercial operations, hospitals, medical practices, institutes, teaching facilities, energy generation systems, swimming pools, etc. can fall under the provisions of the Indirect Discharge Ordinance. It is the responsibility of the responsible person to check whether an initiation requires official approval Environment and nature conservation office. The area of ​​origin of the wastewater, the amount of wastewater or the type and amount of pollutants in the wastewater are decisive. You can submit an application for approval informally to your local responsible Environment and nature conservation office put.

The areas of origin, the indirect discharge of which may require approval, are listed in the Waste Water Ordinance (AbwV) and its 57 annexes. Below you will find the discharges that require approval that occur most frequently in Berlin:

Exceptions to the permit requirement

For the discharge of wastewater from wastewater treatment plants or equivalent facilities that are type approved and meet the requirements of the wastewater ordinance on wastewater quality, a permit is required in Berlin Notification requirement been replaced. If the specified conditions do not apply in individual cases, approval is still required.

The notification procedure is possible for the following annexes to the Waste Water Ordinance (AbwV) using the forms introduced:

The separator systems subject to the notification procedure are only to be checked regularly by experts approved by the State of Berlin. Reports from other auditors cannot be recognized by the environmental and nature conservation agencies.

You can download the notification forms and the lists of the expert bodies here.