Are the internships offered by Internshala real?

How do I find the best marketing interns for my startup?

You haven't mentioned what type of product / service your creation is related to, nor have you mentioned what type of marketing you want to focus on. I will therefore make some assumptions. Therefore, the type of setting may change based on other assumptions. (If you need help with any other segment mapping, ping me.)

Assumption 1 - Your startup is B2C selling products

Assumption 2 - Your start-up wants to do online marketing

Based on these two assumptions - strategy for "How to find the right intern for your start-up"

A intern is a temporary employee - he's coming to you for 30 to 90 days - now the first gets the right kind of interns and then gets the best performance from them!

Now we need Interns for a PRODUCT MARKETING - ONLINE!

How can you the rightInterns For Your startwin up ?

  1. Primarily define WHY you need an intern ? What should the intern be held for? You need him / her for ONLINE MARKETING (based on the above assumptions).
  2. Make a list of the skills he / she should have to apply for the ONLINE MARKETING role you have defined.
  3. Prepare a detailed document for a job description - for the intern. You can also ask questions to the intern at short notice. Remember that he / she Only for a short time there for her is . Make it clear what work is expected of him / her. E.g. he / she is responsible for “traffic to your website” or “conversion of sales”
  4. Detail our long-term plan for the intern, to offer a job in the long term - based on his performance, etc. This makes the internship very attractive.
  5. Describe your start-up in terms of work and goals - both short term and long term. And share it with potential interns. Most interns are drawn to seeing your visions and goals!
  6. Are you going to pay the intern ? And how much? And for what work? Write it down and share it ... also offer some kind of variable pay / incentive for a good job! Note - if you do not pay the intern anything - the position offered should be very attractive, so that the intern performs well when they join!
  7. Promote your internship program - for a SWAG factor internship . Make it cool to practice with yourself. YES - it is important for this generation!
  8. Look for interns at the right colleges - DO NOT look for first class colleges! Go to tier 2 colleges, who need an internship - and always remember that not only will you be valued there - your start-up will be valued there too!
  9. You write during the internship “WHAT does the intern learn ? " On .
  10. Post testimonials - and show interns the types of testimonials you offer want to write for him / her. This would be done in addition to the certificate. Write about the intern's personal strengths and recruitment options, etc.
  11. Offer the intern the right - as with an ESOP offer - To "invest" money in your business - depending on his / her contribution to the company and your ability to assess desirability. You can also offer him / her a role as “director” or a position of responsibility - again based on performance!

This is a generic way to get interns to come to you!Ie how you can make your start-up attractive for interns….

How do you choose the RIGHT one that suits you?

There is no answer to this selection process - and there can be several…. I'll just write a few down to get you started:

  1. Innovative interview processAsk the candidate to give a prepared presentation on the given topic .
  2. Take part in on- and off-campus competitions for ONLINE MARKETING - and offer a cash reward as well as the opportunity to work as an intern. This is intended to provide you with plenty of inspiration to start your online marketing plan
  3. You have some time to give guest lectures at tier 2 universities. On this way you get a direct personal interaction with the students. You can actually make your choice! You may actually find an enthusiastic LERNER who, although not familiar with ONLINE MARKETING, is willing to learn. Let him / her learn and get back to you.

Marketing is a very important part of your start-up - so choosing the right intern should be something that you should be willing to invest some time and energy on!

If you would like to continue the discussion - talk to me!

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