It is common practice to compress files

How to access or open compressed files in Windows 10

The truth is that the latest version of the Microsoft operating system has a tool fully built into the system that allows you to conveniently compress and open compressed ZIP files without installing any other tool on your computer.

If we prefer, or if the files we want to open are compressed in a different format, we have no choice but to resort to a third-party tool. Finally, we will also show you how to open compressed files in Windows 10 as if they were folders in the native file explorer.


With Windows 10 own function

By default, the latest version of the Microsoft operating system has a tool that we can use to compress and decompress ZIP files. It is a utility that is fully integrated with the system and can be accessed from the Windows 10 context menu.

When we get or download a .ZIP file, we can simply open it by simply right clicking on it and selecting the one Extract everything Option from the context menu. This will open a window where we can choose the path to save the files contained in the compressed file and after clicking it Extract It will automatically start extracting all of the files that the ZIP file contains.

Just as we can open compressed files in .ZIP format with the native tool, it is also possible to compress files in the same format in the same way. The only thing we have to do is select all the files that we want to compress. Then we right-click on one of them and select the one Send to> Compressed Folder (in Zip) Possibility. When we compress them this way, we can open them directly by double-clicking them with no problems.

Free applications for opening compressed files

There is no doubt that WinZip and WinRAR are the most popular compressors and decompressors when we talk about tools for opening compressed files. However, there are two tools we are forced to, even though they have a free trial, after enjoying that time check out to keep using them. However, there are other free applications for opening compressed files in Windows 10.


It is an open source free tool that has long become one of the most widely used compressors and decompressors for opening compressed files in Windows 10. It supports almost all types of compressed files, up to almost 200 different formats, and also has other interesting features for managing all of the files in a compressed file. Download PeaZip


For many, it's one of the best free and open source compressors and decompressors out there today. If we've used other programs of this type, the interface is quite familiar indeed. It offers compatibility with the main formats and the ability to compress files in different formats.

It should also be noted that 7-Zip has a tool that provides the ability to split a compressed file into equal parts so that each part can be stored on different storage devices if we don't have one that has total space. Download 7-Zip.


If we want to quickly open compressed files in Windows 10, Bandizip is a great alternative. One of the main features of this tool is that it can compress or decompress files quickly and efficiently. The algorithms used offer high speed when archiving files and are also compatible with the most common compression formats such as Zip, 7z or RAR. Download Bandizip


IZARC is another tool for opening compressed files in Windows 10 that we can get for free. It is free, but not open source, software that is compatible with the Microsoft operating system and that allows us to compress and decompress files in a variety of formats including 7-zip, Zip, or RAR. The user interface is very user-friendly and user-friendly, has the AES 256 encryption capacity to protect files with confidential information and can open image files such as ISO, BIN or CDI. Download IZARC

Access compressed files through the browser

Now, if we're looking for the greatest possible convenience when opening compressed files in Windows 10, we're going to show you a tool that we are sure to like. This is TC4Shell, an application that allows you to open compressed files of various formats as if it were just another folder on your computer. This eliminates the need to have different file compression tools installed on the computer depending on the format.

TC4Shell supported 7Z, Zip, Rar, Cabin, Sqx, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, ISO and WIM among other file formats. Once we have the tool installed on the computer, any file compressed in any of these formats can be opened in Windows File Explorer as if it were just another folder.

But that's not all as it also lets you copy, delete, edit, or even run files on-the-fly without using other decompressing applications first. TC4Shell integrates seamlessly with Windows File Explorer. Once installed with a simple click, like any folder on our computer, we can access compressed files. It also offers the ability to move, copy, paste, edit or delete files from within without having to unzip them. We can download TC4Shell from this link completely free of charge.