Ryanair's new carry-on baggage policy is illegal

Download Ryanair boarding pass

Most airlines send them to the cell phone via an email link after the web check-in. But some also offer SMS link or MMS. Elsewhere at Ryanair, for example, nothing goes mobile without the airline app. So if you don't have an Apple or Android smartphone, you are already looking into the tube and have to start your printer again. Once the card is on the cell phone, the confusion continues.

Because there are many different variants.

General. This mobile application (“App”) is owned by Ryanair Limited, an Irish company with registration number and. Boarding passes are integrated into the app. Easy access to your personalized MyRyanair page; Always up-to-date information about your flight - no matter where you are.

Sometimes it is a simple PDF file, although this is not allowed according to IATA, elsewhere a mini file for the document app called Android Passwallet or Apple Passbook, which is already available on the mobile phone. If you use a Googlemail address, the boarding pass will also appear in GoogleNow. And Ryanair? Again, only accepts your own airline app. The central component is a QR code, the square with the confused pixel patterns. Many airlines recommend taking a screenshot as soon as you receive it - in case the actual system does not work.

A small but crucial difference creates complete confusion: that between online and mobile boarding passes. Because what the IATA calls online boarding pass is just a template to print out. The Mobile Boarding Pass alone is paperless for your cell phone. And anyone who hopes to be able to simply display the print version on the screen is mistaken again.

And Air Berlin expressly points out: "The PDF cannot be used for boarding". Differentiation tip: You can board with the QR code, the "zebra crossing" code has to be printed out. A tablet can also be used to present the mobile admission ticket to the aircraft. So if you want to be on the safe side, turn up the brightness. Unfortunately, not all airports are capable of cell phone boarding cards. Small holiday airports in particular do not yet have the necessary scanners. Lufthansa alone operates seven different boarding pass systems, including Apple Watch and Google Now.

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Wallet Keep all your tickets, cards and much more in one central place. Family Sharing When Family Sharing is turned on, up to six family members can use this app. You might also like Show all.

At Ryanair, we of course offer you the lowest flight prices in Europe on our app. But that's not all - you can now check in on the go, because the mobile boarding pass is sent directly to your mobile phone. And with one click you can select additional extras. So why are you still reading?

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Good morning Johannes. Would like to make the following booking via Ryanair: 1x adult, 1x child, 1x toddler and that in the Plus tariff, i.e. incl.

If I have understood correctly, it breaks down per person as follows :. What about the luggage of a toddler? You cannot check in luggage for a toddler. Hand luggage is also not provided for a small child. Hello Johannes, today I received the mail from my tour operator with the access data for online check-in at Ryanair.

Some of the airlines' booking systems do not recognize umlauts, so that's completely normal. No, absolutely not. Most of the airline's booking systems do not recognize German umlauts and automatically convert this to e.g. Hello Johannes I booked a return flight for my girlfriend and me a few weeks ago.

Does the 3 wrong letter rule still apply I couldn't find Ryanair? By phone or live chat? Seriously: Since this is the same person, there should only be one processing fee. This is not documented in the fees. Try it first via the live chat.

Hello, this is a very informative site. What does a baggage rebooking cost?

We are five people in one booking confirmation. Now it cannot fly with you.

Ryanair booking guide: bypass all fees & not pay a cent extra!

Can I rebook the luggage on Traveler 2 where and how. Thanks for an anteort. I recommend you: Check in person 1 online in good time anyway and explain the situation at the check-in counter. If you don't run into an absolute monster, something should be feasible. Hello, the change in the hand baggage policy has caused confusion for me. Now I have booked Priority because I thought I could only take a second piece of hand luggage with me, but it doesn't work without it in the passenger area.

Can I somehow cancel the priority option? That is when there is a change of person. But you are the same person. But it is difficult to convince Ryanair of this. If the flights are not too expensive at the moment, I would just rebook. Otherwise I would explicitly point this out to Ryanair again. I was then offered for an additional charge of 6 euros that my wife could sit next to me. Wonder now, will Ryanair still take 2 x 6 euros as it says per person or only once, as I would keep the seat I was supposed to be.

Does anyone have any experience?


Hi, my return flight is on I can't find a list anywhere that shows whether this flight is taking place or has been canceled. My problem is that I gave a different email address for Ryanair and I forgot it in Germany. Do you have any information about which flights on Hello Johannes, if I check in online for the outbound flight, will this also apply to the return flight or will you have to rebook it on site?

Hey, we have a little problem. My mother named us all as adults because we didn't see any other option.

Now my brother is only 14 and we cannot check-in online. For me and my mother everything worked out without any problems. Hello Johannes, Is it worth booking as a group under group tours or is it always more expensive than booking each individual? Thanks, Ingo. Have not had any experience with group travel with Ryanair. But I would assume that it is expensive because if there are not enough seats available in a booking class, the next higher and more expensive one is automatically taken for all passengers.

At least that's how it works with other airlines. Hello Johannes We have a problem now we still have 4 days until our flight and wanted to change our assigned seats because we are not sitting together, now the problem…. At Ryanair we can only choose me, I cannot choose my husband or my child, we have already tried everything I think ..

Ryanair wrote to us that we can choose that for the boarding passes, only now it is saved.