Why is the Torah important


Name of the book     Table of contents   Hebrew name German translation   1. Book of Moses BereshitAt the beginning (created) ... It is the story of creation, and has the creation of the world (with its divine origin) and the lives of the patriarchs to the content.
It also conveys the principle of human equality before God. 2. Book of Moses Schemot (These are) the names... Here the character of the people as a collective individual is shown. Because of their hostile environment in Egypt, where they fall into slavery, the life of the patriarchs is transferred to the common endeavors of the emerging people. The ten commandments are at the heart of this book. They explain the interpersonal behavior and the behavior between man and God. 3rd Book of Moses WajikraAnd it called (Yahweh) ... The book deals with the sacrificial services of priests (who are to be supported by Levites in worship). It describes other generally applicable commandments, such as the diet or sexual purity, respect for fellow human beings and the commandment to be absolutely honest. Obedience to these principles brings prosperity to the people, and disobedience leads to disaster. 4. Book of Moses Bemidable (And the Lord spoke) in the desert... It begins with the assumption that the people are ready to take the train to the promised land. A generation has to stay in the desert for forty years until the slave souls are extinct. Under the leadership of two men of strong faith, a new generation is allowed to move into the country. A new era is dawning. 5th Book of Moses Debarim (These are) the words... According to Bible critics, this book was written later. It shows Moses' farewell address to the people. He presents the past as well as criticism of his mistakes. He repeats the ten commandments and summarizes the creed.