Sun tan lotion causes cancer

Because of a healthy tan from the tube | Self-tanner can cause cancer

For years we thought the tan from the tube or spray can would be largely harmless, but now this tanning method also seems to have nasty side effects. Experts warn against the chemical tanning cocktail, which can trigger allergies, cancer, fertility disorders and an increased risk of birth defects in pregnant women.

It is well known that too much sunbathing and tanning beds cause skin cancer. Last but not least, solarium bans for minors and numerous campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of too much sun caused many sun worshipers to rethink their approach. That is why friends of the tinted complexion have increasingly resorted to self-tanners in recent years - even if allergy-causing substances have already been found in them in individual studies.

The short-term dyes for the skin are even more dangerous than previously thought: It may contain hormone-altering components that affect both male and female fertility, as well as carcinogens (substances that can cause cancer). In addition, pregnant women who regularly use tanning lotion increase the risk of harm to the fetus.

Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, told the British newspaper "The Sun": “It would be wise to take precautionary measures until the effects of the substances used are fully understood. These chemicals, in combination with other substances, could be a contributing factor to the increasing cases of cancer, diabetes, obesity and declining fertility. "

Most self-tanning products contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This substance reacts with proteins in the top layer of the skin, the horny layer, which turns brown. DHA breaks down when exposed to heat and when it is stored for a long time. This creates the dangerous formaldehyde - a substance suspected of being cancerous, which, even in small quantities, irritates the mucous membranes and can trigger allergies.

The toxic effect is higher with self-tanners than with other cosmetics, since they are applied over a large area, usually over the whole body, and several times a week.