Is Trump a crypto fascist

Donald Trump stood on Nazi symbol when he appeared - hotel chain distanced itself

Donald Trump didn't have much new to say when he first appeared as ex-US President. In return, his set triggers horror - viewed from above, the Republican was standing on an SS rune.

Politically, Donald Trump's first appearance as ex-US president did not cause any great waves. At the right-wing conservative CPAC meeting in Florida on Sunday, he did not say whether the 74-year-old wants to run for office again in 2024. Instead, the stage design now causes irritation.

Viewed from above, the outlines of the stage on which Trump is standing show clear similarities with the so-called Othala rune, which was used by the Hitler Youth and the SS. The stage is easy to see in this photo shared on Twitter:

For comparison: Wikipedia shows different forms of the rune.

The Hyatt Hotel in Orlando, where the CPAC Congress was held, apparently received complaints about the set design: "We take the references to hate symbols at the CPAC Congress very seriously and unequivocally distance ourselves from all such hideous symbols," writes the Hyatt group after Trump's appearance. "The American Conservative Union is solely responsible for organizing the Congress, including the design of the stage," the statement said. The organizers had assured the hotel group that the resemblance to the SS rune was an oversight.

However, there are doubts about this. The othala rune has grown in importance among the extreme right in the United States in recent years. In 2016, for example, the Nazi party in the USA agreed to replace the swastika in their flags with the rune. Even as US President Donald Trump ensnared the extreme right, for example after the attacks on protesters in Charlottesville in 2017 or the storm on the Capitol on January 6th.