Benz bought the AMG company

I have a question about amg!


Mercedes withdrew from motorsport after 1960 and most private motorsport customers then migrated to Lorinser. There was also a small internal motorsport group which was part of the development department and provided a handful of motorsport people with material (Böhringer, Mahle).

In principle, this department was "led" by Mr. Waxenberger and the motorcycle tinkerer & racing driver Melcher (NSU Quikly Tuning;)) also worked there.

In the attempt there was also a head master called upright and was a talented organization.

Sometime in the middle of the 60s, the test department had to muck out (throw away) the motorsport stuff, whereupon Aufrecht and Melcher founded the AMG company in the barn of Aufrecht's brother-in-law in Grossaspach and the boys bought scrap from Daimler Benz. In the background, Mr. Waxenberger and Mr. Neugebauer must have pulled the strings.

It is unclear whether the company's reasons only took place after the scrap had been delivered so that Daimler Accounting could write off the scrap correctly. Presumably the guys around Waxenberger just wanted to save the good material and secretly continue to screw.

But Mercedes got rid of the parts and AMG was able to beat the Lorinser straight away because they had a barn full of parts and had good contacts at Daimler.

At some point the guys at Daimler quit (not Waxenberger, who first had to shovel the M100 V8 into the new S-Class;)) and moved into an old sawmill with abandoned furniture manufacturing from the barn a few places further on and bought or bought machinery self made.

Melcher had developed a method to push the M189 300cc engines to over 275PS and the private drivers with 300cc engines stood in line.

And then came the use of the brutal M100 6.8 liter 109 SEL, with which AMG immediately became a recognized figure in motorsport and could not save itself from customer orders.

The shop later moved again (one place further to Affalterbach) and AMG built tuning retrofit kits that could be installed in new cars with a guarantee at Mercedes dealers. They were sold worldwide and some of them were installed directly at Mercedes in the factory repairs (e.g. AMG was behind almost all GSG9 cars, many sheikhs had AMG ex works)

In the Ruhr area there was a branch where the tuning kits like Semmel were installed. The head of the workshop was called Bodo Buschmann and later opened the Brabus company.

Aufrecht and Melcher split up in the 80s (roughly after Mercedes dissolved the Disvison Rally overnight) and some of the AMG guys from the racing corner later founded the MKB company, some went to Porsche (Walter Röhrl), BMW or Mc Larren Racing (Udo Zucker).

The Aufrecht then turned AMG Motor Tuning into a large company for cheap, easy-to-clasp accessories, then outsourced itself to HWA Tuning & Engineering in good time and sold the rest to Daimler-Chyrsler at a very high price.

At some point they had found out that they had slept through a trend with a fat return and then simply bought AMG instead of founding a sports division themselves.

HWA Engineering, on the other hand, had Porsche and Daimler Benz as main customers, but they also worked for BMW, VW-Audi, Peugeot and Opel. The upright has his fingers in everywhere and can still organize off the cuff.

The Melcher has allegedly been fiddling with new engine concepts for a long time and only does what he enjoys, mostly boat engines, classic car engine tuning, old motorcycles and prototype engine construction.

AMG has long been a front company in the Daimler network at factory tours because you can watch engine builders and, as someone who has assembled engines himself, you ask yourself how you can get 40,000 V8 engines together at AMG. 200 engines a day is not feasible with the "screwdriver show" shown there, so AMG will probably only build the cream pieces and the rest will be built on the assembly line in Untertürkheim.

But you'd better ask that in the AMG Owners Forum;)