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Functionality: The collaboration platform, developed in Denmark and taken over by Citrix Systems in 2012, impresses with innovative functions that pursue a central goal: to optimize teamwork within the company. The application has a killer feature that you won't find in the countless competing products. On Podio, every user can create their own business apps without any technical expertise, which precisely map their work forms and processes. According to the provider, there are thousands of such applications available on the "Podio App Market", which were created and made freely accessible by Podio users.

installation: Since Podio is an online service, all users need to do is create an account to get started. In addition to the primary web application, customers can also use mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

  1. Podio
    With “Podio” there is an innovative collaboration platform that is committed to flexibility and personalization. The software allows users to create their own productivity apps according to their very specific ideas and to integrate them into the platform.
  2. Podio
    In the central web application you can manage workspaces, projects, tasks and contacts, among other things.
  3. Podio
    With Podios App Builder, users can create their own business apps.
  4. Podio
    For example, you can create a bug tracking app yourself, with which you can keep an eye on software errors.
  5. Podio
    Thousands of business apps created by other Podio users are available free of charge on the Podio App Market.

service: With Podio's web application, users can create workspaces, manage contacts, appointments and tasks and communicate with the team via chat. Thanks to real-time notifications and activity streams á la Twitter, you can always stay up to date Here you can download apps from the Podio-Market and integrate them into your workspaces, as well as create your own apps using the "Podio App Builder", a powerful WYSIWYG editor that consists of numerous modules.

Conclusion: Podio is a particularly innovative productivity tool that scores primarily with great flexibility, numerous integration options and a wide range of functions. Anyone who attaches great importance to individualization and imagines exactly what collaboration should look like in their company will certainly want to take a closer look at Podio.



Citrix Systems

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ActiveCollab, Asana, Do, Producteev

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  21. Wolfram Alpha - semantic search engine for web and mobile
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  23. Professional meeting minutes with Minutes.io
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  25. Collaborative task management for all cases
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  26. Minimalistic text editor for Mac OS X and iOS
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  28. Elements - text editor for iOS with Dropbox sync
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  32. LastPass - the fine art of password management
    Do you work on different computers? Then the password manager "LastPass" is a useful helper.
  33. IMAPSize easily backs up data from IMAP mail accounts
    Anyone who is enthusiastic about cloud storage and uses one of the many e-mail services will find over time that large, private amounts of data can accumulate there very quickly.
  34. Versions - the professional Subversion client for the Mac
    With "Versions" Mac developers have a professional Subversion client at their disposal, which saves the use of the command line.
  35. Mixpanel - real-time analysis for web and mobile
    Which functions do users use most often? How many times was a certain link clicked? Which errors do you often encounter? Anyone looking for answers to such questions is well served with "Mixpanel".
  36. Create keyword clouds yourself with TagCrowd
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  37. WP to Twitter, Simple Facebook Connect
    How to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook with WordPress plug-ins.
  38. Zep - Web-Tool records project times and calculates costs
    With "Zep", small and medium-sized companies are offered a professional on-demand solution with which they can efficiently manage project working times as well as personnel and travel costs.
  39. Efficient version control with TortoiseSVN
    More complex document processes should be monitored by a version control system. TortoiseSVN offers an easily configurable complete package for this.
  40. Pixelmator - native photo editor for Mac OS
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  41. doPDF creates PDFs for free
    The free tool "doPDF" acts as a virtual printer driver and writes PDF files from all applications.
  42. DropIt - drop files, but please follow the rules
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  43. Scribd - the Youtube for documents
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  44. Caliber - Large format for free e-books
    A remedy for license-free books that are not subject to digital rights management (DRM) is provided by "Caliber", a free program for transcoding, managing and synchronizing e-books
  45. Digitally sign PDFs with DigiSigner
    If several responsible persons have to sign the content of a file one after the other as part of workflow processes, for example in PDF, a look at "DigiSigner" could be worthwhile.
  46. Modern task management with Producteev
    At first glance, Producteev is a task manager like many others, but it still offers a certain wow factor.
  47. "Social" task management with Astrid
    A change seems to be taking place in the segment of task management tools: Modern applications such as the free tool "Astrid" aim not only to classify and weight tasks, but also to place them in the social environment of the web.
  48. Mail notification when files are changed
    If you would like to be informed by e-mail about changes to certain files within a directory, TheFolderSpy is the right tool for your Windows environment.
  49. Create creative diagrams with Creately
    Flow charts, UML diagrams, sketches for user interfaces, Gantt charts, mind maps and much more: With the online service "Creately", which is free in the basic version, you can create a wide variety of diagrams in a team.
  50. Open source tool for HDR images
    If you want to get into HDR photography, you should take a closer look at the "Luminance HDR" tool.
  51. ReaConverter converts images in a batch process
    Many users have already faced the task of converting images from one format to another target format. With "ReaConverter" the software house Reasoft Development has developed a tool for batch-supported image conversion.
  52. Affordable online faxing for web, desktop and mobile with Pamfax
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  53. Adobe Export PDF - professional conversion tool on the web
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  54. Flexible project management with Redmine
    Whether for classic project management, Scrum, discussion forums, wikis, user support, time recording or document management: "Redmine" is primarily characterized by its high flexibility.
  55. Compress image files without any loss of quality
    With the free online service "JPEGmini" from the Israeli startup ICVT, the file size of JPEG images can be reduced to a fraction without any visible loss of quality.