How does personal hygiene affect products?

Personal hygiene for the highest demands

Moist toilet paper is no longer a niche product, as 40% of all private households are equipped with it. With the XIBU senseMOISTCARE, a foam dispenser for moistening dry toilet paper, you can also offer this service to your customers and employees in your home.


Leave-on product

The careMOUSSE is adapted to the pH value of the skin and dermatologically tested for allergies and irritations. It is therefore not a problem if the careMOUSSE stays on the skin. Soothing ingredients like aloe vera create a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.


The cleaning mousse is dispensed fresh onto the dry toilet paper. There is therefore no risk of germ-contaminated paper from the predecessor, as is the case with moist toilet paper from the package.
The cleaning solution in the dispenser cannot germinate because the XIBU dispensers do not suck in air to dispense the cleaning foam. The outlet nozzle of the XIBU dispenser is made of a special plastic that inhibits bacterial growth.

No clogged toilets

Pre-moistened cloths do not dissolve and can lead to clogging of the toilet. You do not have this problem with our product, as the cleaning foam is applied to dry toilet paper.


The use of careMOUSSE guarantees extremely economical removal. One refill of careMOUSSE is sufficient for up to 500 actuations, depending on the preset dispensing quantity. The cleaning staff save time and effort in maintaining the toilets. The total consumption of toilet paper is also reduced.

Ecological and sustainable

Did you know that pre-moistened cloths usually contain plastic particles? When these are then flushed down the toilet, they move into nature's cycle. The careMOUSSE cleaning foam, on the other hand, is harmless.

The careMOUSSE refill is inserted into the dispenser in the vacuumBAG. This results in up to 95% less waste than with products from other manufacturers. Thanks to a special extraction technique, the content is used up to the last remainder.

How does the XIBU senseMOISTCARE work?

The user holds dry toilet paper under the dispenser and the preset amount of careMOUSSE cleaning foam is dispensed without contact.

Put the hood on the dispenser.

The XIBU MOISTCARE display (Item no .: 490060350000) shows at a glance how the dispenser works. In this way you ensure that your customers become aware of the product and use it correctly.

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