How do you practice vocabulary tests

  • You have been learning English in school for many years, but somehow you still can't bring a sentence together?
  • Do you have to think for a long time before you come up with the English vocabulary?
  • Do you have difficulties understanding native speakers?

Then these tips for learning English are just right for you! It used to be the case for us and it is often the same today. That's why we've put together for you the tips that have helped us the most so far. So that you can finally learn English successfully.

to learn EnglishTip number 1: Learn with content that is relevant to you!

It doesn't matter whether you study for school, a trip or a business meeting. Always try to learn from content that interests you.

Finding suitable learning content seems difficult at first. In typical textbooks, you often only have a lesson text or artificial example sentences. But in order to cope better with it, you should always use other content for learning.

Try to watch your favorite film with German or English subtitles. Find an audio book that you have already heard in German. Or better yet, the sequel to a book or series that you love.

Songs from your favorite band are also a good example of interesting content. Wouldn't it be nice to have suitable songs for what you have to or want to learn?

Then just learn English vocabulary from these very songs! You can find out how this works really well and with fun at the end of the article.

Learn English Tip number 2: Integrate English into your everyday life!

We want to heed this tip even more in the future. Because you will only learn English if you really live the language. Of course, this works best abroad if you have daily contact with the language. But that's not the only way.

Even in Germany you can easily surround yourself with English. How it works? The internet makes it possible!

Here are some excellent ways you can make English a normal part of your everyday life. Also pay attention to learning English Tip 1:

  • Listen to music in English and actively try to understand what it is about.
  • Listen to podcasts, radio, or news in English. When you're out and about, on the train, on the bus or at home in the background.
  • Read books, comics, newspapers.

Watch movies and series in English, e.g. B. on Netflix or Amazon Prime. As a support, you can activate subtitles in English or in German here. Some cinemas also allow you to watch films in the original language.

In this way, English takes over a slightly larger part of your everyday life. It's also fun to learn English because you learn with materials that interest you. So you learn a lot of content automatically without really noticing it because you don't have to try so hard.

Learn English Tip number 3: Learn the language with as much content as possible!

Instead of using just one source for learning, you should combine a lot of different content. It is important not only to read the texts in English, but also to hear them in English.

Every day you should try to hear or read something for at least 15 minutes, or even better, both at the same time. It is best to do your homework in addition to your language course. Then you improve faster and understand more quickly.

You only learn a language with a lot of input, with a lot of content.

Learn English Tip Number 4: Learn English Vocabulary Using Effective Methods!

Vocabulary book on. Pure English vocabulary. German vocabulary pure. And then read the vocabulary over and over again. Until they might stay in your head at some point. And then usually quickly forgotten again.

This is the typical process for a student to learn English vocabulary.

However, this is absolutely the most ineffective method of memorizing vocabulary. Even so, this is still the most popular method. Rather use effective methods for learning vocabulary.

Here is a quick method overview:

  • Donkey bridges:For the vocabulary, think about which German word sounds similar or is written similarly. Imagine the two together figuratively. Every time you think about the vocabulary, you remember the donkey bridge and thus the word.

Example: Bed linen is “linen”. Sounds similar to lines. So you might memorize linens with a line pattern.

  • Learn in context: Instead of learning isolated words, always try to have a context for the vocabulary. If you don't have any content that you can use for it, write a sentence about it. This way you always know how to use a word and it is much easier to remember it.
  • English vocabulary trainer: Instead of learning with the traditional vocabulary book, you can also learn English vocabulary with an app that helps you learn. You can find out below how the Wordbeat vocabulary trainer does this effectively.

Learn English Tip number 5: To speak English, you only learn by speaking!

If you want to speak English fluently, you will not be able to avoid speaking it.

Unfortunately, the few minutes in an English class are barely enough to really get practice and a feel for the language.

Therefore, you should look for English-speaking people to talk to. You practice speaking English with them.

This works particularly well with a tandem partner. A tandem partner wants to learn German and speaks English as their mother tongue. If you now learn German and English together, it will be a win-win for both of you!

You can meet or talk on Skype. Half of the time in German, the other half in English.

  • Everyone practices their foreign language like this
  • you get to know exciting and interesting people and
  • the best: it doesn't cost any money!

Try to speak to an English-speaking person you are speaking to at least once a week, or better still more often. Then you will quickly learn to speak English fluently.

How else can you learn to speak English if you don't practice speaking at all?

Learn English Tip 6: Have fun learning English!

Many learn a foreign language under duress. Unfortunately, it is no different with English. For the English vocabulary test, students have to work in school. The grammar has to be right for the work.

This also has its advantages, but does not mean that you have to limit yourself to this material and that the fun has to fall by the wayside.

Even if you have to learn a lot of vocabulary for the test that may not seem particularly useful to you. Then you can still learn these vocabulary in an interesting way.

At Wordbeat we have developed a vocabulary trainer app that you can use to learn new vocabulary with your favorite songs. You can find out exactly how this works in the next “Learn English Tip”.


Learn English Tip Number 7: Understand Your Favorite Songs!

It's most fun to learn when it's content that you really want to understand. Or?

What is better for this than your favorite songs by currently popular artists ?! How nice would it be if you could listen to a song from your favorite band and understand everything?

And how nice would it be if you could sing along with these songs with correct pronunciation in the future?

You can find out how to do this now. So you can learn English in a simple way, without any additional effort. Besides, without much effort and with a huge portion of fun!

That's how it works:

  1. Listen to the song several times. Listen carefully, try to understand as much as you can.
  2. Extra tip: If you don't want to search for every song individually and look up every word, check out the "Discover lyrics“Function on Wordbeat. She provides you with many lyrics and the song to go with them. You can also easily click on any word in the lyrics to get the appropriate translation.

With the third menu item you can discover interesting lyrics to learn your vocabulary with great songs.

  1. Now you are learning the vocabulary so that they will solidify with you. You can also easily do that with Wordbeat. If you have discovered a word in the lyrics that you want to remember, you can simply save it as a vocabulary card for the Wordbeat vocabulary trainer.
  2. Repeat this process Until you understand the whole song effortlessly.

Once you understand a song by an artist or a band, the next time it is much faster. Most bands and artists have specific vocabulary. Once you know the English vocabulary of your favorite artists, you will understand each new song even better.

That’s a lot more fun, right?

And how exactly does learning English vocabulary work with Wordbeat?

Learn English vocabulary and expand your vocabulary with the Wordbeat vocabulary trainer app:

Wordbeat is a vocabulary trainer app where you can enter your learning-relevant vocabulary. The app suggests songs that contain the vocabulary. You can also play the song passages in which your vocabulary occurs at any time. So you can learn the vocabulary that just don't want in your head in the context of a song that you hear every day on the radio or your favorite playlist.

Learn English vocabulary with your favorite songs with the Wordbeat vocabulary trainer.

Why does English vocabulary learning with Wordbeat work so well?

You already know the melody and now you understand the word. Every time you hear this song, the word becomes more and more anchored in your head. That means you learn automatically. Without effort and with a lot of fun.

Just give it a try: You can test Wordbeat here free of charge and without obligation for 30 days. So now learn new vocabulary with your favorite songs!

In this example, you can learn English vocabulary using the Wordbeat app with Ed Sheeran.