How do you play sports with friends

Nowadays children only sit at the PC! Today's youngsters don't even go outside! You are only interested in computer games and don't know how to spend your free time differently !?

We young people hear these prejudices more and more often, whether from their own parents or from other adults. But most of them don't even know how many young people do sport and also do so actively in teams - and the Rödertal in particular has a lot to offer! For example football, handball, gymnastics or - as in my case - volleyball.

I have been actively playing volleyball several times a week for the past five years. This sport has done me the most. I look forward to my training throughout the week. Being able to do sports with my friends makes me happier than any piece of chocolate. Volleyball is all about team spirit and ball skill. You can only win a game if everyone in the team goes along with it. In addition, volleyball is played almost everywhere. Whether in the swimming pool, on the beach volleyball court such as in Arnsdorf or in a sports hall - all you need is a ball, a few sports enthusiasts and maybe a net. Of course, the other sports are just as suitable for children and young people. Everyone has to decide for themselves which sport they like best. Because one thing is certain, sport is important for young people and children of all ages. It is a balance to the stress at school that they encounter every day anew. Studies have shown that children and adolescents can best relieve the aggression that has built up over the week through exercise. Sport is also good for the health and therefore also for the development of children and adolescents. Sport is part of everyday life for every young person, or at least it should be. That is why many have been in a sports group since preschool age.

Later in primary school, too, various initiatives try to arouse children's interest in exercise. One of these initiatives, which also exist at the schools in Rödertal, is called: “Come! In the sports club! ". It offers the children in elementary school the opportunity to try out different sports by giving them a voucher for the membership fee through the school. Last year around 8,200 children took advantage of this opportunity. And the initiative will be continued this year as well. The aim is for the children to discover a sport for themselves, have fun with it and notice how great sport actually is. I have already found my sport and hope that many more children will convince and find the sport that suits them.

By the way: volleyball is played in almost every country. Originally, however, this sport comes from the United States and was first introduced at the end of the 19th century.