Why doesn't Winnie the Pooh wear pants?

Winnie the Pooh loves to sing funny songs and loves honey. Well, he's a little forgetful and slow. And, like many other cartoon characters, he doesn't wear pants. So far this has hardly bothered anyone: Pooh the Pooh can even boast some monuments - such as a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

In Tuszyn, Poland, Winnie the Pooh is not allowed to become a mascot. In the local city council, some members apparently found it rather indecent that the yellow bear wore a red shirt but nothing else. Especially since he not only lacks appropriate clothing, but also a clear gender.

At least that is what the politicians are said to have said at a meeting behind closed doors, reports numerous media. It was about the proposal to name a playground after the bear. The meeting took place a few weeks ago, but extracts from it have only now become known. Now media in Australia, Croatia and the USA are reporting on the anti-poof resentment in Tuszyn.

One of the politicians is said to have even called Winnie the Pooh a "hermaphrodite" at the meeting. According to a report, a city councilor attacked not only the bear himself, but also its inventor, the English writer Alan Alexander Milne - he was "disturbing".

The model for Winnie the Pooh and his friends is said to have been his son's favorite cuddly toys. Yet another city councilor is furious: The half-naked bear is absolutely inappropriate for children. The fully dressed cartoon bear Uszatek is certainly the better namesake. The assumption is that his pants are not the real reason for the popularity - but simply the fact that he comes from Poland.

This very politician said in the meantime that at the end of the rather long discussion about the playground name he just wanted to make a joke. Maybe you should just be glad that only Winnie the Pooh was discussed and not also about his cartoon friends Donkey "Eeyore" or Tiger "Tigger". Not only are they missing their pants, but also their shirts.