How is the administration of Arvind Kejriwals in Delhi

The Prime Minister of Delhi has been unwell since Sunday afternoon

While Delhi is grappling with a spike in Covid-19 cases, news that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is going into self-quarantine after complaining of a mild fever and sore throat has been widespread in the state capital triggered. According to the leaders of the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the prime minister of Delhi has been unwell since Sunday afternoon and has not held a meeting since then. “Arvind Kejriwal has a fever and sore throat which happen to be Covid-19 symptoms. That's why the doctors advised him to take a test tomorrow, ”AAP MLA Raghav Chadha was quoted as saying by NDTV. Raghav Chadha called him a frontline warrior against the coronavirus and wrote in his tweet: “You are putting yourself at risk for the well-being of the people of Delhi. When you are facing a health challenge, our thoughts, wishes and prayers are with you. “The Delhi Prime Minister is a diabetic and this has increased public concern about his health. "We're all concerned, but Kejriwal is a fighter," said the AAP MLA. On the other hand, senior AAP leader and Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh said that the administrative work of the Delhi government will not suffer during the period when Arvind Kejriwal will remain in self-isolation. In the meantime, a number of cross-party political leaders have called for a speedy recovery for the Delhi Prime Minister. When I heard that Arvind Kejriwal was feeling uncomfortable, I spoke to him and asked how he was doing. I pray to God for his speedy recovery, ”said Delhi's newly elected BJP President Adesh Kumar Gupta in his tweet. Addressing the Delhi Prime Minister in his tweet, Congress spokesman Pawan Khera said, “I pray you test negative. But just in case you need treatment, I hope # Kaushambi has good hospitals. Get well soon @ArvindKejriwal. "

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