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The best vacation spots in Tunisia

The decision has been made and your next vacation will take place in Tunisia? Very good decision, because there is so much to experience in the northernmost country of Africa. The multi-faceted country captivates with miles of beaches, architectural masterpieces and beautiful, ancient cities. For those of you who are still not quite sure where to go, I wrote this article. I'll show you those best vacation spots in Tunisia and all its advantages!

What are the best vacation spots in Tunisia?

Tunis - The modern capital

Our trip to the best vacation spots in Tunisia let's start in the modern capital Tunis. It is located in the northeast of the country, directly on the Gulf of Tunis and is home to almost 2.5 million Tunisians.

This is an absolute must-see Medina of Tunis. The old town with its Arabic flair, winding streets, magnificent mosques and souks takes you into a completely different world. Shopping queens and kings can be found on Avenue Habib Bourguiba, the most famous shopping street in Tunis.

After an extensive shopping tour you will find absolute relaxation in the thermal complex of Antonius Pius. The is located near the capital Carthage archaeological site. Hobby archaeologists can relive the downfall of the famous city here.

Djerba - The largest island in North Africa

The still relatively unknown but super beautiful island of Djerba is located on the east coast of Tunisia. On the island you can spend a wonderful family vacation under the African sun. The largest island in North Africa is undoubtedly one of the best vacation spots in Tunisia.

With 125 kilometers of coastline, the island is one of the most popular destinations for a beach holiday in Tunisia. The island's beaches are among the most beautiful in all of Tunisia. In addition to lazing around, water sports are also on the daily program. By the way, the beaches are particularly child-friendly, which is why you can go on a family holiday on Djerba.

You should also pay attention to the cities on Djerba. In theIsland capital Houmt Souk you will find typical market halls with vendors who offer you local food for little money. Super exciting and worth seeing: Djerba!

Sousse - The pearl of the Sahel zone

The search for the continues best vacation spots in Tunisia with sousse. We're talking about Tunisia's third largest city, which you can find in the northeast of the country. The port city delights visitors with architectural masterpieces in the Arabic style. And by that I don't just mean the spectacular mosques, but also simple coffee houses in the port city.

In addition to these masterful buildings, Sousse also has one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Tunisia up its sleeve. Miles of sandy beaches with crystal clear water attract beach lovers and sun worshipers from all over the world. Sousse is nicknamed "Pearl of the Sahel". The Sahel zone simply means the eastern Mediterranean coast of Tunisia. The port city brings the perfect mix of relaxing beach holidays and exciting city trips - let yourself be enchanted!

Monastir - The coastal town near Sousse

Just 20 kilometers east of Sousse is another beautiful one Coastal town. Monastir was built on the ruins of the ancient Phoenecian-Roman city of Ruspina. One of the sights that you shouldn't miss in Monastir is Ribat, which oldest fortress in North Africa. The Medina of Monastir and the Bourguiba Mosque are at least as great.

In addition to these gripping sights, the Monastir beaches a popular refuge for all sun seekers and those seeking relaxation. Those who long to bury their feet in the soft sand and feel salt water on their skin come to Monastir while on vacation in Tunisia. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate in this region, you can come here almost all year round to relax in summer temperatures.

Hammamet - the former fishing village

The former fishing village of Hammamet is located on the Cap Bon peninsula. Slowly but steadily, the place has become one of the largest and most popular best vacation spots in Tunisia moulted. Reasons for this are, of course, the paradisiacal beaches and the azure blue sea in the resort. Spread out your beach towel and relax in one of the most beautiful vacation spots under the African sun.

The absolute highlight, however, is the historic city center. The Hammamet medina is home to countless sights that you can take in on a city tour. There is, for example, the Islamic cemetery as well as the Great Mosque. In the more modern part of the city you will find shops, clubs and hotels as in all classic holiday resorts.

Map with the best vacation destinations in Tunisia

Your vacation in Tunisia in the best vacation spots

That was my list of best vacation spots in Tunisia. If you are just as keen on a Tunisia holiday as I am, you can browse through my travel search engine. There you can expect daily offers for one cheap vacation in Tunisia. The vacation is twice as much fun!

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