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Notes: FUT Champions Weekend League

As part of the series of comments, we present all changes that have occurred in the PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PCVersion of FIFA 19 in FUT Champions and the Weekend League there. Take a look at the Division Rivals Notes post to learn more about this new FUT mode. In FUT 19 we have further optimized a multitude of FUT Champions features, from the qualification method to the actual style of play to the possibility of learning from the elite.

FUT Champions: overview

When we created the FUT Champions Weekend League, we had several key goals. We wanted a place where the best FUT players compete for the best bonuses in the game. We also wanted to find the very best FUT players and invite them to our competitive gaming events.

We still have these goals, so we're proud to announce that there will be some great changes and additions to the FUT Champions Weekend League in FIFA 19.

Weekend League qualification

Thanks to the new Division Rivals mode, we were also able to improve qualification for the Weekend League. In FUT 19 there are FUT Champions Points as part of the Rivals Division. With every game you play in Rivals and the points you earn, you get one step closer to the Weekend League. How many FUT Champions Points you get in a game depends on your performance and your current division. The better you play, the more points you get. Each division has its own multiplier for FUT Champions points. The higher your division, the faster you can earn points. With the new qualification system in Rivals, the high pressure of daily knockout tournaments is a thing of the past, and even more players have the chance to participate. Each qualifying game also helps you earn bonuses for the Weekly Competitions in Division Rivals.

Thanks to the new FUT Champions points system, we can also give you additional freedom of choice. You can now decide for yourself when you want to play in the Weekend League. If you won a Daily Knockout tournament in FUT 18, you were immediately qualified for the Weekend League starting on Friday. The new point system allows you to decide for yourself when you want to play: If you have enough qualification points, you can redeem them immediately, or you can save them and only redeem them in your desired Weekend League.

Again qualification for the Weekend League

The FUT Champions points system has also made changes for the renewed qualification for the Weekend League. In January, we cut the number of FUT 18 wins required to re-qualify for the Weekend League from 18 to 11.

In FUT 19 we are continuing this approach and awarding FUT Champions points for Weekend League achievements. From 11 wins, the earned bonuses contain the number of points required to participate in the Weekend League again. Under 11 wins, they contain a few FUT Champions points with which you can get closer to participating in the Weekend League again.

Weekend League and Division Rivals

Division Rivals is a new online version of the game in FUT 19. For more information, see the Rivals Notes article.

When designing Division Rivals, it was important to us to interlink Rivals and FUT Champions so that both gaming experiences further intensify each other. One of the main goals was to avoid making players feel like they were being "punished" for playing champions instead of rivals (or vice versa).

In the Weekend League you have a good chance of having to face stronger opponents. So we wanted to make sure that the skill value (which determines your Rivals division) is not affected by your Weekend League games.

But even though your skill value does not change through Weekend League games, you still receive weekly points for Division Rivals for each game, which you can use to improve your rank in the Rivals week competition. Every Weekend League game brings you closer to unlocking bonuses in the Weekend League and Division Rivals.

Required total number of games

From the start of FUT Champions in FUT 19, you have the option to play in every Weekend League on PlayStation®4, Xbox One or PC up to 30 games to be completed. In our view, the reduced total number of games balances our two goals perfectly: it allows the best players to compete for the best bonuses every weekend, and reduces the total time it takes to complete all Weekend League games by 25%. We will provide more details on the impact of this change on FIFA competitions in the next few weeks.


Despite the reduction in the number of games for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One players from 40 to 30, the value of the individual weekly tier bonuses remains the same. The Weekend League is still the place where you can get the best bonuses there is in FUT. On PC we have increased the maximum number of FUT Champions games from 25 to 30, so that the Weekend League players can for the first time win bonuses whose level corresponds to the bonuses of the console players.

At the FUT announcement, we already announced the installation of player selection objects. These objects give the players even more options when building their dream team. The weekly bonus player selection items replace the monthly bonus packs from FUT 18. You can decide which red FUT Champions player items you want to add to your team.

Since the changes in the Weekend League qualification give you even more freedom of choice in your style of play, it was a logical consequence to also change the monthly bonuses and ensure that you get exactly the right bonuses for your game weekends. And not get "punished" for the weekends you didn't play.


In the past, there has been some confusion about matchmaking in FUT Champions. Therefore we would like to explain the system to you and give you a brief insight.

The first major goal in FUT Champions is to get players to start from scratch each weekend in terms of wins and bonuses. Therefore, the matchmaking process in every single Weekend League is crucially based on a factor called "form".

Everyone starts every weekend with a form reset to zero, which then changes with every win and every loss. For example, if you enter a balance of S / N / S / S / S, this results in a form of +3. When searching for players, players with a similar shape are brought together.

If players in the Weekend League (which is already a group of highly talented players) are above average, their form also rises quickly. The further their form rises, the trickier the opponents become. Only the very best can beat high form players in a row and secure elite status or even top 100 status.

The second crucial point in matchmaking is location. The players are brought together based on their location and their proximity to our dedicated game servers in order to achieve the highest possible game quality.

Champions Channel

We presented the Champions Channel for the first time in the FUT 18 versions on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC. In FUT 19, we're further improving it so you can learn from the top 100 FUT Champions players every weekend. One of the most important changes with regard to the Champions Channel is the integration of controller inputs. So you can see which buttons the top players press in each game situation. This also applies to immediate repetitions. In addition to key inputs, we have also built in the option to skip interruptions in the game in repetitions and to fast forward or rewind in the game. So you have even more control over how you want to watch your game reps.


We look forward to the future of the Weekend League and FUT, especially with the new Division Rivals mode and qualification system. In terms of online gameplay, we have a fantastic year in FIFA 19 ahead of us.

-Tyler Blair and the FUT Development Team