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Android version: which is the latest? Which one do I have?

The Android mobile operating system receives regular updates. On the one hand, there are the monthly security updates, which close acute gaps and weaknesses. On the other hand, a new Android version is published annually, which further develops the system and adds new functions and features.

The question of which Android version is the current one can therefore be answered differently. To make matters worse, many manufacturers are heavily adapting Android to their smartphones and have their own names for the different versions - such as One UI, EMUI, MIUI or OxygenOS.

Our overview of Android versions sheds light on the darkness. We not only explain which Android version is current and how to find out which Android version your smartphone has. Our list of Android versions on the following page also gives a look back at the development of the operating system so far.

What is the current version of Android?

  • Android version: 11
  • Security update status: 5th December 2020.
  • Google Play system update: September 1, 2020

Android 11 was officially released by Google on September 9, 2020 and is currently the latest Android version. Please note our overview of which smartphones get the Android 11 update.

The security updates are published monthly (see Android Security Bulletins) and are currently available for Android version 8.0 and above. The updates for the Play Services are released at irregular intervals.

In addition to smartphones and tablets, an adapted version of Android is also available on other devices: Android TV 11 is currently the most current version on televisions and Wear OS 2.9 (formerly Android Wear) the latest Android version for smartwatches.

One UI, EMUI and Co .: Which manufacturer versions of Android are current?

While the main version of Android is specified by the development of the Android Open Source Project, many smartphone manufacturers are developing their own versions of Android with their own names and different features.

These manufacturer versions usually only include adjustments to the user interface (e.g. Samsung's One UI). However, there are also independent further developments, so-called forks (such as Amazon's Fire OS). Therefore, in addition to the above information, we list the latest version of their Android operating systems for selected manufacturers.

Android interfaces

  • Asus: Zen UI 6
  • Honor: Magic UI 4
  • Huawei: EMUI 11
  • HTC: HTC Sense 10.10 (Android 9)
  • LG: LG UX 9.1
  • Samsung: One UI 2.5
  • Xiaomi / Redmi: MIUI 12 (Android 10/11)
  • ZTE: MiFavor 10

Forks / Custom ROMs

  • Amazon: Fire OS 7 (Android 9)
  • OnePlus: OxygenOS 11
  • Oppo: ColorOS 11
  • Realme: Realme UI 2.0
  • The LineageOS Project: LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10)
  • vivo: Funtouch OS 10.0

Note: The versions refer to the manufacturer's modified Android user interface. Final versions are taken into account, no betas. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be more current firmware updates for individual smartphones. Manufacturers with poorly adapted system UI such as Motorola, Nokia or Sony are also not listed.

Which Android version do I have on my smartphone?

If you want to find out which Android version is installed on your smartphone, you can do this in just a few steps. These can differ a little depending on the manufacturer UI. With Stock-Android, open the Android system settings, scroll to the point Over the phone and tap here on the field Android version. You will then be shown the Android version, the status of the security updates and other data.

Android tip: find out the version number

How to find out which version of the operating system is installed on your Android smartphone.

Android version hides Easteregg

In the settings menu Android version Incidentally, there is an Easter egg hiding. If you tap three times in quick succession on the Android version, an Easter egg screen suitable for the respective version will appear. In Android 6.0, for example, there was a Flappy Bird clone; in the current version 10, a small nonogram game can be activated. There are video instructions for this from 9to5Google.

How can I update my Android?

The release of new Android versions and security updates for smartphones depends on the manufacturer and, in some cases, the provider. A notification on your mobile phone will then notify you of an available Android update. Our guides to Android 9 Update, Android 10 Update and Android 11 Update will tell you whether your smartphone is receiving one of the latest system updates.

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