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Paving the driveway: costs, advantages, possibilities

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Asphalt is a comparatively quick method the attachment, which has clear advantages, but also some disadvantages. The effort and costs involved are shown below. You will also find out which companies carry out asphalting and the advantages of an asphalt driveway over a paved driveway.

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Paving the driveway: costs

The concrete The cost of paving your driveway depends on various factors from. Above all, the size of the driveway has an effect on the price, since material requirements and working hours are correspondingly high or low. On average, you should use a Material usage from 70 to 80 euros calculate. In this case, about one ton is required. If particularly long journeys have to be made, then special surcharges can be added. The prices also vary from region to region.

Are there alternatives to asphalting?

A common alternative is that Paving the driveway. Paving stones and asphalt have a completely different structure, so you first have to decide which design you like best: Do you want one relatively smooth asphalt plain or do you prefer clearly visible cobblestones? The laying of the stones is done by hand, which is a lot of effort.

However, you can pick up the stones yourself from the hardware store, while professional assistance is usually required when paving asphalt special equipment is needed.

Asphalting: advantages and disadvantages at a glance

Many homeowners want to do the work on their own if possible. The If necessary, plastering can be carried out without external help be accomplished. This is not possible when paving asphalt. Weed growth is another issue. Weeds come out quickly between the stones. This must be removed regularly.

If asphalt is used, the weeds cannot get through at first. However, weed pressure has not been overcome. The plants press against the asphalt from below, which is why it moves upwards in places over time.

Good to know: For various reasons, forces develop under the asphalt. On the one hand, the weeds are responsible, on the other hand, the asphalt surface is exposed to stress from tension and use by vehicles.

Repair work on cobblestones or asphalt

In principle, it is possible to carry out repairs with both variants. If, for example, cables are to be laid or if the floor has been damaged, the entire covering does not have to be replaced. The Asphalt can with appropriate auxiliary equipment be cut open. The piece in question is removed and a new piece can then be inserted. However, this is a workaround because the repair remains visible afterwards. If you have laid paving stones, you can swap parts of the area and put new stones there.

The substructure of the driveway

The substructure / substructure must be properly designed for both the paving stones and the asphalt. Among other things, precautions must be taken with regard to rainwater and weeds. Then a level ground generated on which the asphalt or the paving stones can be placed.

Can be a problem gradient show: If the ground is not evenly straight, the asphalt would also undulate. You have to make sure that the underground has a uniform strength disposes. If some places are more pliable than others, the soil can contract under pressure and it is created Cavities, Waves or cracks.

Paving the driveway - maintenance extends service life

An asphalt surface has a long, but not infinite life. The asphalt is not maintainedso nature recaptures the areas over the years. The surface is destroyed and weeds proliferate between the pores. The safest way to prevent this from happening is to use the asphalt. If vehicles drive over the asphalt, it will not be too heavily loaded and if you clean the surfaces at regular intervals, you can use your asphalt driveway for several decades.

Tarmac the driveway: repair work is possible

If it was a few years ago that you had the driveway paved, then it may be time for a renewal. You don't necessarily have to remove the old covering. In general, it is sufficient to apply a new layer and thereby for a smooth and clean surface to care. In order to generally extend the service life, the expected load should be taken into account. Simple constructions can be made or you can implement one Surface for extreme loads.

Paving the driveway: DIY or professional?

Laying paving stones is laborious, but with a little manual skill you can do it yourself. Asphalting, on the other hand, is not possible without appropriate vehicles. For example, compression must take place, which is achieved by pressing and a high loading weight. A specialist company will also advise you on the exact design of the asphalt. An analysis of the potential risk and benefit behavior created, whereby the construction can be optimally planned. Above all, the thicknesses of the various layers are decisive here.

Tip: In order to avoid nasty surprises, you should have a detailed offer prepared in advance, on which all cost items are listed transparently.

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